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Host: Hey, Brad has arrived!
Host: Welcome to the chat, Brad!

matt: hi brad

Memoreys20: Hello Brad

Chickitee: hey

manowar20: hi brad!!!

glycerine: hi brad

Brad: Hello. I hope that you enjoyed the second night of "American High" and that eveyone's summer has gone as well as mine.

anti_pizza_man: Hello Brad, welcome!


Brad: Thanks for the compliment.

matt: i think your an awesome dancer? any career plans there?

Brad: Dancing for me is purely expression and self-fulfilling. I will continue do dance for the rest of my life.
Brad: Professionally - No, but for enjoyment - always.

Jen1327: i just wanna say that you dance really well!

Okemos: Hey brad, when did you first get interested in dance?

Brad: I used to fall asleep listening to the bass on speakers, though rhythm has been in my blood since I can remember.
Brad: But I didn't really start dancing until I was comfortable with myself.
Brad: I haven't had any formal dance training. I just do what feels right.

moonsong04: Do you like to read, or act? I know you like to dance!

Brad: I don't act at all. I read. I prefer writing more than reading.

jb2000: Do you sing?

Brad: No, I'm tone deaf.
Brad: In terms of fine arts, drawing and painting is my priority, and then dance.

victoria: are you interested in an art career?

Brad: Yes, I am going into design, preferably fashion or graphic design.

eringurl: Brad. I love art, and I think that I will pursue art in college in the future. Its awesome that you love it too. When did you really start getting into it?

Brad: I started taking alot of art classes in 7th grade, and since then I've been taking classes in and out of school and make sure that I keep up with it.

Brent: you have great art talent and i hope you do well with it. i'm good at art myself and painting lets me let off heat, do you paint to let off heat too?

Brad: All the time!
Brad: It's a great way to avoid confrontation. I find that it's the best therapy there is as long as you can be introspective.
Brad: Drawing is very self-fulfilling and I recommend it to anyone who has any interest.

litfan: so you write a lot? what types of things do you write?

Brad: My creative writing ranges from just quotes to short stories and everything in between.

MissDanelle: Brad...I recently read a profile on you, and you used quotes to describe yourself...I really enjoyed the "Dance like..." I collect quotes. Do you collect quotes or have any more

Brad: Yes. I have so far 2 books filled with quotes that I've written myself and that other people have given to me.
I think quotes are a great way to capture the essence of greater feelings and emotions, and I think it keeps you in tune on a day to day basis.

glycerine: do you write poetry?

Jen1327: do you write poems?

Brad: I try.

Okemos: brad, do you have any favorite poets or poems?

Brad: My favorite poets tend to be people I know, including my friends.
Brad: The question is too tough to be answered on the spot, but if you write the question on the message board, I'll get back to you.

blackraven83: hey, Brad, what kind of music do you listen to? by the way, I think you're an awesome artist

Brad: I've no boundries when it comes to listening to music.

SexyAnjel: What kind of music are you into?

Brad: REM, U2, Rusted Root, Sublime, Rufus Wainwright, Beck, and the list goes on and on.
I'm never NOT listening to music.

awanier: Do you like classical music?

SweetSteph01: do you like country too?

Brad: I like classical music when I'm studying.
I don't own country CDs, but if it's playing, I'll listen to it.


Brad: If I'm in a social setting, I pour myself into dance, but when I tend to be myself, I rely on drawing.

KristaCassell: Brad, So what have you decided to do in college? You are very talented in art and in dance, are you persuing either?

Brad: Yes, I will take my passion for the arts and hopefully apply it to the design field.

Griff: where are you heading to college in the fall?

bigTex: Brad, where do you go to college at?

Brad: I'm leaving for NY to attend NYU in 14 days.

Ga_Actor: do you enjoy movies? also when is your birthday someone asked?

Brad: I'm a Cancer, my birthday is June 27.
And do I like movies? Yes, I do like movies, I usually tend to rent them more often than going to see them in the theater.

Ashleigh_16: Hey Brad what is it like to be a gay teen? If you don't mind me asking!

Brad: It's a pretty broad question, I can't answer that in less than an hour, but we'll just say, "it's a trip."

fredjones: brad, i'm gay too, and i was wondering if you had any advise on how to come out?

Brad: I know coming out is not an easy process and you'll know when the time is right to come out, but don't let your own insecurities or other people turn you away from coming out or achieving your goal

Hal9209: Brad, what go through your mind when you told Robbie that you are gay?

Brad: When I try to recall that day, a lot of it's a blur since my emotions were all over the place.
But I just remember praying that he would give me the response that he did. I'm very fortunate to have a friend like Robby.

Laurie: Brad, do you feel that you being gay has affected your relationship with your guy/girl friends in any way? If so, for the better or the worse?

Brad: Definitely, I think that after coming out my friends felt like they had a better understanding of who I was, as did I of them, and as a result my relationships with all of my good friends have heightened. Brad: Before I forget, I just want to send a Shout out to James.

wally: Brad, what was it like coming out to your parents?

Brad: Coming out to my parents was the single hardest thing I've had to do, and at the same time, one of my greates accomplishments.

litfan: i would just like to say, brad you have been an inspiration to me and i'm in the process of coming out to my friends and parents, so thanks!

Brad: I wish you the best of luck, and to hear that means a lot.

PrometheusA1:Dealing with one's sexuality is rarely easy. Did you expect your parents to take your coming out to them as well as they did?

Brad: No, I did not and to this day, it's one of my biggest regrets.. Brad: the fact that I didn't have as much faith as I should have had. Brad: I love my parents dearly and I couldn't ask for better parents.

pepe: By the way, you said you would never find love... do you have a boyfriend now???

Brad: No, I am single still.
I have had boyfriends, but I'm keeping my options open.

Sara: have you or are you in love or have you been in love?

Brad: No, I have never experienced in love and have never been in love, and I think I'll know when it hits me. Brad: Love comes in many ways, and yes, I have been in love with friends and family, but in terms of an intimate relationship - no.

Memoreys20: Brad, do you have any role models

Brad: Yes. My friends, my grandparents, and any gay teenager who has come out of the closet.

brad_rules: you are a rolemodel to all brad

Brad: Thank you, I appreciate it
However, I'm sure you would have done the same if a camera crew had come to your school.

RackofLamb: Brad, how does it feel to have so many people looking up to you now?

Brad: It's a bit overwhelming at the moment, but it's warm and comforting to read and hear the response that the show has received.

jbbutch23: do you feel famous and did you get paid for taping the show???

Brad: No, money was never an issue and I would have refused it had it been offered. Brad: In terms of fame, I don't feel famous because I didn't do anything special, we were just being ourselves.

sophie: WHY Wouldn't you want money?/

Brad: My goal was never to get on TV and wasn't to get paid, but was to provide a voice and situations that hopefully other teenagers could relate to and learn from.

stella: How did the community take the whole idea of the school being documented?

Brad: At first I think the community was shocked, but the general vibe was welcoming.

twistedtrouble: brad did u ever just want one minute of privacy?

Brad: yes, and we received them when we asked.

delias_doll: what does it feel like to see yourself on tv, did you surprise yourself. Realise that you didn't know you had feeling like that?

Brad: Seeing yourself on TV is shocking at first, entertaining second, and overall it's a roller coaster.

Dan_E2001: was it hard being yourself?? with cameras following you 24-7

Brad: No, you have to understand the camera crew and the entire production were our good friends for the year and we couldn't have asked for more pleasant people to work with.

Jason: What was it like hearing your friends talk about you like that on TV

Brad: It brought tears to my eyes.

litfan: are you still friends with robby?

Brad: Yes, best.

GoPhish: Did anyone else at your school come out or come to you for advice after seeing how well you were accepted despite being gay?

Brad: There are approximately 7 to 11 kids "out" kids in our school and only one has come to me for advice.

SexyAnjel: how have things changed for you since the show?

Brad: It's strange to know that when you walk out of your house a complete stranger might recognize you and talk to you as if they knew you,
But the whole experience has been positive, worthwhile, and unforgettable.

Jason: Do people recongize you Brad??

Brad: Some have so far. Brad: Since the first week, just about every day someone has recognized me unexpectedly. Brad: A train conductor, an old grandma, my doctor's secretary...

Googafunkoid: Brad, do you think American High was a "real" representation of average teenage life?

Brad: I hope so because that was the goal of the show.
While I don't think it can touch on every single teenagers life, I think it does a fair job in covering a wide range of lifestyles.
It only gets more diverse as the show continues.

2MuchTV: Do you ever feel that the editting has distorted what really happened?

aldim: do you feel the show has portrayed you accurately

Brad: Yes, I do feel the show has portayed me accurately.
What you see is what you get. The footage is raw and honest, and while maybe a few things are taken out of context, the show is as genuine as you all hope it is.

CoolKid00: Do you think more shows should be made like American High?

Brad: Yes. After reading the message boards and seeing the impact that it has, I would hope there would be other shows that provoke similar reactions.

CrazieBimmerBoi: how many more students are expected to be on the show?

Brad: Anywhere from 3 to 6 but I don't want to give out false information.

jbbutch23: Is the show ever going to deal with the issue of drugs and sex?

Brad: Yes.
Brad: But do you really think that's going to be interesting for more than a few minutes?

delias_doll: How has this "TV Show" affected your life (ie has if brought you closer to friends, family)

Brad: Working on the documentary has taught me several things. Brad: One, to appreciate and value memories "Carpe Diem"
Two, it has taught me a lot about myself and allowed me to look at my life and my situation in a different light.
Three, it's only made me that much stronger of a person.

DramaCat01: Brad, if you could have dinner w/ any three people(dead or alive) who would you choose?

Brad: Rufus Wainwright, River Phoenix, and I would encompass my family into one person and have them join us too.

shakespearechick: if you had to give one piece of advice about highschool what would it be?

Brad: Just so you know, you caught me on the spot, so I'll do my best ...
Hold your head high, be true to yourself, and as long as you know who you are and what you want, people will respect you for it.

Host: I am sorry to say that we must say good-night to Brad now...

fratboy96: Bye! Thanks for the chat!

japs: no..........don't leave brad!!!!!!!!!!!!

blisski: Brad, I just wanted to let you know what one of my best friends was watching the show tonight and she said this of you: " he seems like he would be a really good best friend, he's everything anyone would look for in a friend"

aldim: Brad you truely are a great inspiration

Sara: good luck i hope your dreams come true

Louie: Brad,no one has more guts than you.

derekix: but yea hey man! and i gotta say your brave and all saying your gay. hats off!

ScarletTears: Brad iI really admire your creativity and I just wanted to say thanks for allowing yourself to be a role model

Host: Thanks for being with us tonight!

Brad: Thanks for taking the time to talk to me. I've really enjoyed talking to you all.
Brad: Thank you all for everything you said because it really means a lot.
Brad: and on a final note...
Brad: "For what there could be I am humbled because there is not, and what I wish for you and cannot provide I am only saddened because I wish that I could."
Brad: All my love.

Host: Brad will be back to chat with us again!
Host: Don't forget to log on to tomorrow for the transcripts of tonight's chat with Brad!

Louie: Peace out

fakepunk: Brad thank you for being so real! you truely are the real teen!
fakepunk: we love you brad! thanx

SkokieTaz: Your an inspiration brad... I work with many who wish they could have done what you are doing in high school!

fakepunk: you are the best insperation onthe show

BOrED: u are very good inspiration and artist

BuTeRFlY: Amen

Sara: kisses to you!

DAMNEDangel: You are a true human being.

hg4u: Your my idol!!

tomd: Thanx brad... I really respect your story

SpunkygurL: Bye Brad, thanx for chatting

Chickitee: bye, good luck in NY

PrometheusA1: Goodbye Brad. Bravo, and thanks so much for being such a role model to many people. Take care!