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Host: Cool- Kiwi has arrived; so let's welcome him now!

Kiwi: Good day, this is Kiwi. How is everybody?

ellisat2: yo kiwi

Jp500: Hi kiwi

BRANDON46: KIWI. What is your Real Name?

Kiwi: Mike
Kiwi: Kiwi is a nickname for someone from New Zealand, like you'd call someone from Australia "Aussie"
Kiwi: My teammates started to call me that, and ever since it's been my nickname.
Kiwi: Now it's my nickname at Ball St., Everyone's picked it up pretty quick.

Sweetie16: Kiwi, do you ever watch yourself on TV? if so how does that make you feel?

Kiwi: Seeing myself on TV is an interesting experience, but it's also a fun one because friends and family and people that I know can see my life through a different light, a different perspective.
Kiwi: When I see it, it's a little weird, but I also think it's kinda cool as well.

michael16: what is it like having cameras taping you guys 24 hours a day 7 days a week??

Kiwi: The cameras weren't actually taping 24/7, but when they were, I got used to them fairly quickly and it became a regular thing to have them around.
Kiwi: I actually felt uncomfortable without them.

Daniel: Does the show effect the way you act in real life at all?

Kiwi: Not at all.
Kiwi: I live my life the way I wanted to when the cameras were there, and I do without them.
Kiwi: Even though the show is playing nationwide, I live my life the way I want to.

Greggie84: how long has the show been done recording?

Kiwi: We finished recording about 3 weeks after graduation which would be the beginning of July.

crazykid: was there ever a time where u wanted to be left alone by the cameras?

Kiwi: There were a few times where I felt the cameras weren't appropriate, but almost all the time I enjoyed having them around.

Turquoise: Kiwi, is it weird watching the show with family and seeing what they said while you weren't around, but you're seeing it on TV now? (Vise versa with you talking to camera about them)

Kiwi: I actually haven't watched the show with family for that exact reason.
Kiwi: I think their reactions would be weird, so I kinda avoided watching the show with them and I stuck with friends.

Deskadina: You're pretty good at handling it... I would feel like saying "GET AWAY FROM ME!" to the camera men... HAve you ever felt like that?

Kiwi: Not at all.
Kiwi: Because the 3 cameramen who followed me were excellent guys and were more my friends than cameramen.

michael16: was it a good experience for you ??

Kiwi: Amazing experience, I thoroughly enjoyed it, no regrets whatsoever, regardless of what people think or say about what they see on TV.
Kiwi: I lived my life the way I wanted to. What people see is what my friends and family saw.
Kiwi: I never adjusted myself for the cameras. I always stayed true and reality was my number one concern.

Josh: Some of the shows display scenes where the teens get into heated arguements with their parents. Now that the show is airing on T.V., and your parents can see what you said about them, what have they said (about you or them)? Is there a wierd feeling in your house or out in public because of the publicity?

Kiwi: Parents have handled the situation very well, although questions have arisen about family relationships and things.
Kiwi: I think what goes on in other people's lives is very personal and people should enjoy and respect what they see on TV but at the same time respect and treat other people's lives and family situations as you would with friends and family.

BRANDON46: your mom seemed really really supportive of you.. is the rest of your family like that?

Kiwi: 100%. My whole family has backed me and so have my friends.
Kiwi: And they enjoyed it just as much as I have.

Bandit: Do you feel that you have been shown honestly?

Kiwi: Yes, I feel that RJ did an excellent job of representing my life how it really was.
Kiwi: And I believe my life was represented in a way that I wanted to be and liked.
Kiwi: I'm happy with the outcome.

Daniel: What was your favorite part of the show?

Kiwi: I enjoyed watching everything on the show because it was my life and how I wanted it to be and I wasn't upset with RJ's choice of putting in the missed field goal and the outcome of that field goal on TV.
Kiwi: I'm actually glad that he showed it because it gives people another perspective of how athlete's lives are lived and what behind-the-scenes is really like.

michael16: what has been the hardest to deal with in high school??

Kiwi: Probably girls.
Kiwi: My relationship with Rachael ended well after football and I still continue to talk to her frequently.
Kiwi: But my life was very busy with football and having a girlfriend complicated things a little bit.
Kiwi: But I learned to respects girls because of their patience and care that they take in relationships.

superchimp: I can tell your friends aren't in the show that much....what were they like??

Kiwi: My friends are the most awesome and friendly people I've ever met.
Kiwi: and I'm glad they dealt with the cameras as much as they did and I appreciate all their support that they gave me along the way.
Kiwi: What's up Jared, Mike, etc.

Deskadina: Have your friendships with others changed since the show taping has began?

Kiwi: If anything they've become stronger since the show and I"ve actually made more friends since the show has aired.

EthanS: Having had a very close female friend in high school, did you ever feel the pressure to "get together" with Anna from others, or have people wonder about you and her relationship-wise?

Kiwi: Yes. My relationship with Rachael was perfect at the time, but I also had a lot of feelings for Anna which complicated things for me personally.
Kiwi: Now that my relationship with Rachael has come to an end, I still continue to communicate with Anna.
Kiwi: And yes people have wondered why I didn't go out with Anna first.

CitrusPunkGrrl: Anna is beautiful, you never felt an attraction?

Kiwi: Are you kidding? Of course I did.
Kiwi: I knew she was beautiful from the beginning, but because I was in a relationship at the time, I felt it would be against my beliefs to dump somebody for someone else I had stronger feelings for.

CrazymanSixty9: do u still talk to anna and if so, do yall ever talk about going out???????

fuzzy_Kiwi: would you ever Date Anna??

Brent: do you feel you might hook up with Anna?

Jen1327: would you ever hook up with Anna???

fuzzy_Kiwi: Now that you aren't with racheal will you go out with Anna??

Sara: have you guys got together?

Kiwi: Anna and I didn't talk for a while, but during the summer she was at summer school, so we didn't get to see each other, but I have always had strong feelings for her.
Kiwi: Although we didn't hook up, I feel we have a connection, but I talk to her a lot more on the phone, and I do hope one day we'll be able to form a relationship and give it a try.
Kiwi: If that doesn't work, I know that we'll be best friends for life.

davey: hey kiwi what do you think about Racheal

Kiwi: Rachael is a great person and at the time I really enjoyed going out with her, but because of some of the choices she made, I was forced to end the relationship with her.
Kiwi: And still to this day, I don't know why I didn't ask Anna out afterwards.
Kiwi: Anna is a very beautiful and loving girl and I"ve always been a little intimidated by her, which she hates to hear, but, coming from me she knows I'm just kidding.


jessie_mae_19: If you wait to long she will slip out of your arms

Kiwi: I know exactly what you mean, that's why I'm calling her right after this.

superchimp: So why don't they show your friends at all? It seems like you only interact with Anna and Rachel...

Kiwi: You guys know that at the time you didn't want to be filmed, so they had more interesting things to shoot that had to do with girls and sports.
Kiwi: But you know, in some later episodes you'll be seen cause you're my boys.

spikyhairedrainbow: if you could go back to h.s. and do one thing different, what would it be?

Kiwi: I'd have to say get closer to Anna and make all my field goals.

Emmy_and_Brian: We all know that football is one of the most important things to you. Have you found a college that takes that passion and lets it flourish?

Brent: will you be attending college in the fall and if so will you continue to play football there?

Brad_Kiwi_Yummy: Are u planning to play footbal in college???

Kiwi: Ball State University which is located in Northern. Indiana gave me a full ride to be a kicker and I have an extremely good opportunity to play against Florida in our first game, Sept. 2, so be watching.
And you're right, football is a love of mine, and kicking is something that I enjoy doing, although it sometimes causes me to be stressed out in every which way.
That's why girls are a good thing to have during the season.

sophie: what is you major going to be in college?

Kiwi: I wouldn't mind playing for the Bears after college because every kicker they've had has sucked, but for now, I'm going to try and major in "Sports Physiotherapy."

toomystikal4u: i think you are great!!! do you want to play with the nfl??

Kiwi: I would love to. If at anytime the opportunity was given to me, I would take it in a second.

AmericanHighGurl1886: hahaha Kiwi I live in Florida and florida's team is good....

Kiwi: I know. You guys are gonna kick our ass, but I sure as hell am gonna kick the ball as far as possible.

Gaidin: Did you get a scholarship to play football Kiwi?

Kiwi: Yes, I got a full scholarship, which will, luckily for my parents, pay for everything, including grub.

daggelbert: How long have you been playing football?

Kiwi: I've only played for 2 years and I've only kicked 19 FGs in my career, but soccer and a background in rugby gave me the life that I have today.
I guess I was just born with the talent.

Aaron: Do you wish you had picked a different position on the team?

Kiwi: Not at all.
As a soccer player, I was a goalkeeper, which is another pressure position, just like kicking.
Although, I handle the pressure in different kinds of ways, the background of goalkeeping helped me adjust rather quickly
and I can't stand wearing pads, because I believe rugby is a true sport and I just kick the ball because it's fun. daggelbert:Do you play any other sports?
As hobbies, I play tennis, soccer, cricket, baseball, rugby, and basketball.
But because football takes up 25 hours of my time a week in college, it's extremely hard for me to play anything else here at Ball St.

BradRocks69: if you could do it all over again, would you do it again.. even though you didn't do it perfectly?

Kiwi: Yes, I believe that missing FGs makes me a stronger player mentally and makes me want to play harder and more consistently every time.

Lucky: Kiwi, do you play sports with Robby, since he is a jock too?

Kiwi: No, Robby always played soccer and lacrosse which took up his time, although we used to mess around in the hallways, we never actually were on the same team together, except for sophmore year in soccer.
Kiwi: He spends a lot of his time with Sara.

Louie: Kiwi, how many of the cast members do you currently hang with?

Kiwi: Well, right now I'm at college, but back at school, I hung out with Brad, Alley, Robby, Sara, and Abbey and Anna

Jen1327: who is your best friend?

Kiwi: Anna will always be my closest friend, regardless of the show, and the others have always been close friends, although I do have best friends who weren't featured on the show.

superchimp: Have you ever used any illegal substances???

Kiwi: Boys, I'm very disappointed in this question. You guys know better. What we do as boys will always stay as boys.

TiggerChica: Who are your role models?

Sweetie16: Kiwi, Who are some of your role models?

Kiwi: Probably my parents. But I've never actually had any role models in my life.
I've always lived it how I wanted to, and I really never looked up to anyone.

DMB13lis: hey kiwi, whats your favorite band?

Kiwi: I love listening to a lot of Rap, but I also like Dave, and everything but opera and country.
If it's good I'll listen to it.

PlatinumUndertow: Do you like TOOL and Orgy?

Kiwi: I'm not too sure, because I've never really heard them before, I don't think, but I'm sure if I was given the opportunity I probably wouldn't mind them.

Sara: I wish i had the nerves to tell my friend nick that i like him any ideas how to? PLEASE!!!

Kiwi: Sara, don't hestitate at all. If you like him, there's a very good chance that he likes you, so don't hold back and go right ahead and give him a call, because he'd be more flattered at a phone call than anything else.

spikyhairedrainbow: Do you find that alot of people ask you for advice now that you're nationally famous?

Kiwi: No, but my friends have always seemed to come to me naturally because I've always had a knack for those kind of things.

Kiwi: I like to listen to those kind of things, and the advice I give comes from the heart and I never make anything up.

victoria: how does it feel to see your self on national tv...any regrets?

Kiwi: None whatsoever. It's been a blast the whole way through and now it's on Fox, I can now recall what my life was like at the beginning of senior year.

Maddee: Why are you so hott?

Kiwi: I don't know. I guess it's the red hair.

scarletedge: hey kiwi gettting your head shaved in the back of your head, just so you know, it wasnt dorky it was acctually really cute, a little campy but none the less cute

Kiwi: It was my friend's idea, and at the time I had the balls to go through with it.

Kiwi: I intend to do it at Ball ST. as well.

Hawaiianbliss16: Cool you wrote back kiwi

Sara: GOOD LUCK!!! at your dreams!!

AmericanHighGurl1886: Bye Kiwi!

Kiwi: To everyone that has given me the opportunity to speak out, I appreciate it and I'd like everyone to know that no matter what happens in life, always live it to the fullest and log on a little later, because I might be there to talk.

Host:Thanks so much for being here tonight!!! I hope you come back and chat with us again.

Kiwi: Good bye and peace.

Host: So Brad will be here in just a second, so send your questions for him now!

OldiesRadioDJ: Kiw: alsways remeber, be yourself and dont let anyone tell you differently

Brent: hope you do well in college kiwi..

upsidedown: hey, if you're leaving, kiwi, good luck and i hope you have a long and happy career as a kicker.

litfan: he was a cool guy

derekix: peace out brotha

blnkgoat: bye kiwi