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american_high_host: Welcome to our American High Chat! Our guest tonight is American High grad Kiwi. We will get started in just a couple of minutes. Send in your questions for Kiwi. While we're waiting don't forget to check out the American High web site at  You can create your own image in the interactive yearbook...speak your mind on the message boards...and check out our exclusive video diaries. Stay tuned. Our guest tonight is American High grad Kiwi. We'll get started in just a few minutes. Keep sending in your great questions. How would you feel having your life displayed before millions of viewers? We'll get started in about 5 minutes.

dalish_lisa: Hey what's up?

shortfatandblak: Is this the chat w/Kiwi?

american_high_host: We'll get started shortly. Our guest tonight is American High grad Kiwi. Stay tuned and keep sending in your great questions. OK, let's get in started. Welcome Kiwi.

xoxdreamofmexox: How did he get the nickname Kiwi?

Kiwi: Basically it's because I'm from New Zealand, like you would call an Australian an Aussie. It started in high school.

triple5soulchik: How has your Life Changed, if it has at you being on the show...and why didn;t you ever hook up with your really pretty girl friend (I forgot her name)

Kiwi: LOL! My life really hasn't changed so much cause of the show, and I guess that's because people aren't that---- I didn't hook up with Anna cause it got kind of awkward towards the end of senior year, I guess.

local_bondgirl: do you think american high the show has been a good experience for you?

Kiwi: Yes definitely, it was an excellent experience.

triple5soulchik: What have you been up to since the show ended?

Kiwi: Been playing a lot of football at Ball State University. I was accepted here with a full scholarship as a kicker, and I've been committed to that this entire year.

steerwrastler: What college do you want to go to? and what are your long term football ambitions?

Kiwi: To be honest, it's just to graduate and finish out the season with a four year degree. I don't plan on playing after college, just because it's not something I want to do for a living right now. So I'll play for the rest of my four years, and then say good bye to football. Right now I don't have a major decided. I'm really interested in geography and telecommunications. And after college I want to travel, go to Europe, Australia, England, things like that.

davidgerm: We saw on the episodes so far that you're a perfectionnist when it comes to football. Are you like that in all areas of your lives and which ones?

Kiwi: I wouldn't say I'm a perfectionist; I like to make everyone happy and be a good friend to everybody. So in that way, I try to be a good person.

xoxdreamofmexox: Was it difficult to act like yourself on camera?

Kiwi: No, actually it was extremely easy; I forgot about the camera right from the get-go. In actual fact, the stuff we say, we'd really say.

eastjabip: hey kiwi..were you friends with any of the other members of the cast? who?

Kiwi: If we were by ourselves with a camera. Definitely, yes, I'm friends with Robby, Sarah, Anna.... I keep in touch with everyone.

xoxdreamofmexox: Your mom seemed to be like the most understanding parent on the you think she is always such an understanding person?

Kiwi: Yes, definitely, along with my father. Who didn't really want to be on camera. It was very hard for him.

lilbrunette17: what did you learn about yourself from being on the show?

Kiwi: I basically learned that I have a lot of stuff going on in my head, and really life should be lived day by day. Your expectations for life should be yours and no one else's. I learned that I'm a pretty easy going person, and a lot of complex in a lot of ways.

xoxdreamofmexox: I'm dying to know if Kiwi is single....

Kiwi: Yes, I'm single.

dued84: Hey Kiwi, do you ever go into the message boards here and check to see what people write about you?

Kiwi: Sometimes, yeah, occasionally. I've responded a couple of times.

triple5soulchik: Are You still dating Rachel?

Kiwi: No, I'm not still with Rachel, we broke up a long time ago.

brentmcguire2001: Whats your favorite memory from high school?

Kiwi: Oh man, probably spring break in the Bahamas.

angler4life1: Do people recognize you fromm the show?

Kiwi: Yes they are, especially around campus and stuff.

american_high_host: We're chatting with American High grad Kiwi. Check out the American High website at

matom35: what was your reason for wanted to be on the show?

Kiwi: I guess I was just pulled into the idea of being able to use the camera.... And my mom kind of pushed me to do it, she thought it would be a good idea. We didn't know really what it was going to be about, but I guess, it was kind of interesting to m e.

matom35: was there ever times when u wanted the cameras to just leave you alone?

Kiwi: No. Not one time where I asked them to stop filming, even at parties.

rukascaput: What are the greatest pressures you face in college on a daily basis?

Kiwi: Probably football. I play football probably 30 hours a week, plus on top of a 16 hour schedule, there is a lot going on in my life.

fantabit: were you dissapointed that American High got canceled on FOX?

Kiwi: Yes. I was. I was disappointed for RJ and the team. I didn't really mind myself, but because they put so much work into it, it was a big letdown for them.

justintsgrl2001: If you have watched the show since you were on it are you proud of the way it turned out?

Kiwi: Yes, definitely, they did an excellent job. I think they could have portrayed a few more people a little differently. I think some people were a little upset with how they came out. Personally I was happy, and I think they did an excellent job all around.

charmed_0225: I LOVE AMERICAN HIGH!

Kiwi: Nice!

secret_agent_Kat: I remember you saying how much you moved around. Was that hard on you to adjust so often or was it an enriching expirience?

Kiwi: It was both. It was more of an enriching experience than it was hard, just because I've gotten used to making friends again and again. I think it's made me more of an open person, I've become more used to diverse people and different ways of living. But it was hard also.

shortfatandblak: do/have you ever visit(ed) your home of New Zealand?

Kiwi: It's been about four years now, since I've been back, which is the longest time that I've been away, but I still keep in touch with four of my best friends over there, and my relatives.

goo38: Was it hard for the students in the school because of all the cameras? would you say that year was drastically different than the previous years because of the cameras?

Kiwi: I wouldn't go so far to say drastically different, but it was definitely noticeable, and I could see a difference in underclassmen's reactions to the camera, and a completly different shcool reaction.

fantabit: Have people ever asked you if American High is real or fake?

Kiwi: Yes, I have. It's kind of upsetting, because they watch all those reality shows, and they seem kind of fake, but this one is more real than we can explain. It's basically taking a camera around with you all day long and not knowing about it. That's why some of the things people see on TV they laugh it and say, why would you say this? BUt it's really what we were thinking at that moment.

jodiefrodie: do you feel popularity is an issue in highschool and middleschool today

Kiwi: Sure! Definitely. I definitely feel that high school had cliques and groups that people look at as popular, and the popular person, the jock, etc. Personally I had lots of different groups of friends in high school, and I tried to stay away from the cliques, which always got you into trouble.

lilbunny86: hi, i just want to know what do u do to get through hard times in life?

Kiwi: Wow! Either talk to one of my best friends, Abby, who I met in college, whom I'm sitting next to! Or I'll usually go for a walk or a job, and that will usually clear my head.

fantabit: Can people e-mail you anyway?

Kiwi: oh yeah,

steerwrastler: Did any of the other members of the cast recieve negative experiences from the public. Particularly Brad?

Kiwi: I think so, yeah, because particularly on the show, I think having Brad being gay and coming out and that whole situation being broadcast, it definitely opened up people's eyes, and people are scared to accept it... There has been a lot of negative stuff written in the show. And Robbie, just because he was friends with Brad, people said he was gay too, which wasn't true.

secret_agent_Kat: Who do you think wasn't portrayed correctly?

Kiwi: No I don't think so, I think they did a very good job with everybody. But there were people portrayed more than others, which does make a big difference.

riles_007: Do you have any tattoos?

Kiwi: No. I'm never getting a tattoo, I don't believe in tattoos. I have a tongue ring though.

drew4erd: who is the american high guest?

american_high_host: we're chatting tonight with American High grad Kiwi.

apa121: what type of music do you listen to?

Kiwi: I like a lot of Dave Matthews, Bob Marley, Pink Floyd, and a lot of old school rap. Such as Tribe Called Quest and a lot of Gangstarr.

apa121: have you gotten any modeling jobs or anything like that from being on the show?

Kiwi: Oh, no, no, no, I'm not that good looking.


Kiwi: Awesome!

channy_420: were the cameras ever a problem for rachel

Kiwi: Yes, definitely, 100 percent. She was always uncomfortable in front of the cameras, especially my own camera. She was quiet to begin with which didn't help the situation.

deftrax2001: do you think drugs are a big issue in high school?

Kiwi: Oh definitely, definitely. Especially pot. That is definitely abused in high school. And carries over to college. But I also think that it's being used for the best....

xoxdreamofmexox: Was it a relief for you to get out of high school and move on, or did you feel like you wanted to stay forever?

Kiwi: Oh I loved high school, I loved my senior year. I definitely was not ready to leave. College doesn't come close to comparing to high school.

brentmcguire2001: Im giving a shout out to you from Montreal Canada, I just wanted to know after watching the shows yourself did you get a new perspective of your friends?

Kiwi: No because I was with them the whole time, and the show is about life. And nothing changes, so I think it's a completely good represenation of what went on. I did learn about the people I didn't know so well. yes.

mandiefly: whats your favorite book?

Kiwi: Let me think about that.... I think there are too many to chose from, I'm not a big reader of books, but Hatcher was a good book I read, North To Freedom was also a good book.

american_high_host: we're chatting with American High grad Kiwi. Keep sending in your great questions.

fantabit: why didn't your mom let you have 4 eggs?

Kiwi: OK, my mom's a big believer in low cholesterol, so I guess she thought 4 eggs was too much at the time, she wanted me to only eat 3, but I wanted 4 and I got four eggs. So that was the egg situation, it wasn't as big a deal as it was made out to be.

brentmcguire2001: Whats the furthest you ever kicked a football?

Kiwi: 63 yards.

patwr2g: who were your role models when growing up?

Kiwi: My only role model was my dad.

davidgerm: What was the last show you saw? (Music, theater, anything)

Kiwi: It was a Tracy Chapman, Sting concert I saw with my family, and it was amazing. I also saw a Ben Harper concert which I loved, and that was recently.

neo_01_60623: what's your favorite movie?

Kiwi: Whew! I'll give you three -- I'd have to say Office Space, Godfather and Good Will Hunting.

Loverboy8286: Has being on TV changed your goals for the future?

Kiwi: No, definitely not. I think being on TV is definitely over-rated, and America definitely has to just take a look at what's going on in the world, turn off their TV sets and go travel. That's all I want to do right now is see the world. I haven't watched TV this whole time I've been in school.

tonycook35208: can i ask some advice i am turning 18 in less then 2 weeks and im bumming about it what did u do to get over the 18 blues?\

drew4erd: why were you afraid to turn 18?

Kiwi: The reason I stressed about turning 18 is because I loved being 16 and 17. And getting older is kind of affecting me in a different way than a lot of people. I've had such a good time being young that I'm afraid to move on. But I deal with it by believing that the future is going to be better than the past.

matom35: what advice do you have for high school students?

Kiwi: Oh man, here we go.... Juniors, work as hard as you possibly can, because when you are a senior, my advice is to have the best time of your life, especially second semester senior year, do as much as possible and have as much fun as you can.

babyandsweety2000: Would you raise your children like your parents raised you?

Kiwi: 100 percent, yes.

shortfatandblak: i am leaving but kiwi i just wanted to tell you that through opening your life to the eyes of others you have showed that highschool is hard and everyone does have problems, and personally you have truly helped me cope with mine, so thanks.

Kiwi: High school for me has been like it has been for everybody else I think. And thru being on American High I hope people can relate to my experience. Being of help to you I truly appreciate your comments, and I really hope that you can take control of your life and get thru high school with fond memories and truly great friendships. Forget about homework and just make some great friends. Cause that's what I did.

clover469: Do you plan to study abroad?

american_high_host: we're chatting tonight with American High grad Kiwi. Check out the American High web site at,and tune-in every Wednesday at 10 pm on PBS. Check your local listings. We're experiencing a small technical problem. keep sending in your great questions for Kiwi.

matom35: well dude im gonna get goin but just wanted ya to know that you a kool guy and i wish you the best of luck in the future

american_high_host: Kiwi: Thank you very much. I really appreciate that. Best of luck to you too.

anae17: I'd like to say it was so refreshing to see teens that you can relate to on American High.

american_high_host: We're experiencing a brief technical problem. Just hold tight.

anthonylucente: tell mike his best friend tony is on

Kiwi: hi anthony. see you soon.

ronnie11581: i wanted to know how playing football at ball state was different that at hp

Kiwi: Oh man! The difference is playing football 60 hours a week and playing football 30 hours a week. And, pressure I guess is alot more. There's alot more people relying on you to do well.

brentmcguire2001: What would be the one word that would sum up this whole experience for you?

Kiwi: Oh man. Beautiful! :)

american_high_host: Do you have parting words for us Kiwi?

Kiwi: I want to tell everyone that I appreciate you coming on and taking the time to ask questions. and, to let everyone know that the American High episodes are going to improve and that I hope people will take the show for what it's worth and won't blow it out of proportion.

davidgerm: Well Kiwi, I just want to wish you the best in all your future projects!

Kiwi: After watching the show I hope you can relate to what has been portrayed on American Highand I hope people can take the views and ideas and use them to their benefit and you won't being seeing much more of me on the show. It's been fun! Carpe Diem and goodbye.

american_high_host: A special thanks to Kiwi for joining us tonight. And thanks to all of you for joining our chat tonight. You sent in some great questions. And, don't forget to check out American High on PBS every Wednesday night. Check your local listings. And visit Join us next week when we will be chatting with American High grad Pablo. Goodnight everyone.