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american_high_host: Hi everyone! Welcome to our 2nd American High chat. Our guest tonight will be Morgan. He'll be joining us in just over 10 minutes, at 11 p.m. ET. So keep sending in your questions for Morgan! Check out the American High Web site at Just about 5 minutes 'til Morgan joins us... So keep sending in your questions! Ok, let's get started!

american_high_host: Thanks for joining us tonight Morgan.

bluecross01: morgan how do you feel american high has directly affected your life?

Morgan: A lot more people think they know me now. It's kind-of interesting. Other than that, it was a really cool experience and something to look back on.

slipknotqueen_152001: How did you get to be on "American High"?

Morgan: I heard about it and went in for an interview and told them that I WASN'T the kid they should pick because I'm an underachiever and I don't participate in school. But I guess they saw something interesting.

american_high_host: How did the producers convince you to participate?

Morgan: They convinced me to do it .... I just wanted to do it b/c I figured if it was reality tv, you might as well have someone who was going to be as real as possible, and that was my main goal.

jenq: Were you upset when Fox originally cancelled the show? And happy when PBS picked it up?

Morgan: I was upset when Fox cancelled it because Fox is a more teen-related channel. I was happy to hear that it was picked up. PBS was kind-of a sketchy channel for me, but it seems to be doing really good.

boycrazy_2004_1999: what kinda music do you like?

Morgan: Metal. All out metal. Machinehead. Soul Fly.

american_high_host: What's in your CD player right now?

Morgan: A new band called Endo.

jenq: What are you doing these days, Morgan?

Morgan: Going to school. Working. And hanging out.

boycrazy_2004_1999: Why do you want a girl who is like brittney spears she is so not a role model for kids?

Morgan: She's not a role model, but she's pretty attractive. :) I think she looks a lot better than Christina Aguilera.

crazycat101me: Do u have a girlfriend?

Morgan: Yes. I have a girlfriend, but if Ms. Right is online ... I will be taking calls.

patiff: Did you become good friends with any of the others on the show that you didn't have before?

Morgan: Yeah, with Allie. Robbie. Sarah. Kiwi. Anna. And Brad. We're not the closest of friends, but we keep in touch every once in a while.

patiff:Any Inclinations into becoming a filmmaker after the experience?

Morgan: I plan to either direct films or star in them.

american_high_host: Do you have favorite movies?

Morgan: Tons of favorite movies. Full Metal Jacket. The Crow. Army of Darkness.

jenq: What did your family think about your involvement with American High?

Morgan: They were happy that I was taking on the thing of being in a documentary and they thought it was really real. They thought maybe I should censor a couple of the things I said, but they didn't stop me because they knew that's who I am. I'd say about 7 million swear words and a couple of arrests.

jdavis528: Do you get along with your little brother Darren?

Morgan: Yeah.I get along with him at points and at other times, he's always on my nerves.

terra_firma106: Were you in any way uncomfortable when you were working with Brad for the dance?

Morgan: No, not at all. I think Brad's a great guy. I'm secure in my own sexuality and I had no problem with it. I thought he was a really cool guy out of all the dance people.

bigfanny_2002: What was it like working with the hot girls in dance show, did you ever want to break-up with Salima?

Morgan: It was basically a 24-hour hard-on. But I wasn't going to break up a long-term relationship for a short fling.

dude_power1: Morgan, you rock! I also have a disability (Asperger's Syndrome), and I felt a personal connection with you watching you on American High. What can we do to improve public awareness of youth with disabilities?

Morgan: I guess we gotta be more verbal and get together with your community and not be afraid to talk about it. I feel that I've done a small part to help in letting kids not be embarrassed of their disability.

Pidget62: Were you hesitant at first about being so open about your life on camera?

Morgan: At first, I was hesitant. But when I say that, I mean for maybe about an hour. Then I said that if I was going to do it, I might as well do it 110%.

talen_author: do you find it intoxicating to know that you have sucha a large fan following after the airing of the third episode?

Morgan: Not really, because I've never met a fan yet. Of mine.

jenq: What do you usually eat for breakfast?

Morgan: I'd say Lucky Charms and Cocoa Puffs. Never together. One bowl of each.

unrealnighthawk: What games do you like? (e.g. on computer, PS, etc.)

Morgan: I don't really play computer games. I play the underground games like Bloodbath. And video games like Tony Hawk, Resident Evil, Silent Hill.

Pidget62: this may sound stupid- but have you considered sitting down and talking to your parents about your relationship with them and how to fix it?

Morgan: We've tried many times, but we all have our own problems and every once in a while, we seem to take them out on each other. But at the end of the day, we all get along.

jthatch: What is most awesome in your world Morgan?

Morgan: That's a hard one!I don't know what to say to that one. Maybe ...... sleep? Lots and lots of sleep? Concerts. Meeting new people. Just hanging out.

patiff: So are we going to see any Tom Green or Johnny Knoxville type action out of you or more of the cinema verite off the wall stylings of Adam Sandler?

Morgan: I have about 7 hours of me doing Jackass sort of stunts. And I actually tried to pitch it to MTV before Jackass aired and they had already bought Jackass so I got snuffed. But if anyone wants to make something like that, I'm all ears.

phisigdude25: Would you ever do something like "The Real World" on MTV and how do u think your experience compares??

Morgan: I say I would do the Real World. I think my experience is nothing like it because I feel that American High is much more real than the Real World. But if I were on the Real World, I'm sure I'd be a Puck. That guy who's in JAIL!!! :)

Pidget62: Has your relationship with your parents improved since the documentary?

Morgan: Not really. Not really at all.

patiff: So what current song currently describes you right now?

Morgan: That's a GOOD one. Hmmmmmmmmmm. Let me see. I'd say, Stabbing Westward ... "I Won't Become the Thing I Hate."

american_high_host: Any other songs that would be in the soundtrack of the movie of your life?

Morgan: Oh, I'd say it would be about 50 discs long. Pure metal. Hardcore stuff. And I'd probably have my band on there, too.

dude_power1: Have you seen any of the other "reality shows" (Survivor, Big Brother, Temptation Island, The Mole, Boot Camp, etc.), and what is your opinion of them?

Morgan: I have to admit that I saw every single episode of Temptation Island and I have them on video. Did I like it? NO. Everyone stayed together in the end. It was kind-of pointless to watch. Especially considering Billy's girlfriend cheated on him like a billion times. The other reality tv shows are fun to watch but aren't reality to me. Everything is set up. They may be real people but they aren't real situations. And they have prizes at the end. We didn't get ANYTHING! We didn't get ANYTHING!

patiff: If you were on Survivor with the 13 other students... and who would you vote off first and who would win?

Morgan: Suzie! She'd be gone within like 5 seconds! I've never gotten along with that girl! Never once! Me and her have been at each other's throats since we met! I'd win because I'm persistent, I wouldn't stop, and I'd feed her to the alligators.

american_high_host: What are some of your favorite tv shows?

Morgan: I don't have any new favorite tv shows, but I like Perfect Strangers. That show was awesome. And Night Court. And old Bozo episodes. Oh yeah ... and the A-Team. Definitely. Mr. T's the man!

kbawff711085: What religion are you?

Morgan: Whew! Born Jewish! Don't know if I lost my ways, just haven't been in a synagogue in a while. Don't have time for religion. Too much of the anti-Christ in me ......

diabla439: how did you ever get the courage to do the show? .... Having your innermost feelings exposed and everyone can see what you are thinking... i have alot of the same problems that you do (on thw show at least) and i cant even tell my friends about them. how do you do it?

Morgan: You only live once. Would you rather die a quiet old man, alone ... or a happy, energetic person with tons of friends and tons of risks that you've taken over your life?

lolita_haze_54: Hey Morgan! Is it weird seeing yourself on TV, and having such an impact on veiwers lives?

Morgan: At first it was, but now that I've seen every episode 2 billion times, it doesn't have as big an effect.

little_pretty182: oh ok i get it. well, here's one. i have add, and it seems like a lot of the problems i've had surface with you too what would you suggest when someone just gets so frustrated that they think they can't take it anymore?

Morgan: I'd say breathe deep, take time to yourself, realize that if somebody else has done it, that you can too.

UMshamrock: so do you ever get sick of having cameras around?

Morgan: Not really. They knew when to turn them off and when to turn them on.

american_high_host: Do you miss having the cameras around?

Morgan: Every once in a while, I turn around to talk to a camera that's not there.

muni619: Have you met anyone famous from all of this?

Morgan: I actually KISSED Jessica Alba on the lips in L.A.!!!!!!! I met all these people from Ally McBeal. All those annoying little Malcom in the Middle kids.

phisigdude25: Did any of your classmates give you a hard time about being on television and different aspects of what they saw?

Morgan: NO, not really. All my classmates reacted ... I can't believe that was you! That's totally who you are!

radioted2001: What's your take on life after highschool?

Morgan: It's rough! 'Cause if you don't pass now, no one's there to kick you in the butt. And you don't have the same friends that you did in high school. Or the same relationships, for that matter. And it's hard to see people move away and move on with their lives.

american_high_host: Who are you still in touch with?

Morgan: From my high school? Nobody ....... no one, really. I've been stabbed in the back so many times by friends from my high school, that I have no one from there anymore. So anyone out there looking for a friend, I'm here. Welcoming with open arms.

soul_of_an_ancient1: hey morgan is it weird having people ask you questions and prod into every detail of your life?

Morgan: Not really. I enjoy the questions and I feel like ... you know ... if I help one person, it makes it all worthwhile.

dude_power1: Are there any scenes from American High that were "cut" or edited out, that you would have liked to see make it to the air? If so, please share!

Morgan: AW! I've forgotten ... but there's tons and tons and tons of them.

dude_power1: Do you feel that our society has become too "politically correct"?

Morgan: Most definitely. I was surprised to hear that I was banned in counties ... that the show was banned in counties just becuase of me. ANd I was outraged that there are people out there who don't believe that there are people who feel they way that I do. And those people out there who believe that ... it's their children who are like that.

radioted2001: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Morgan: Either living on a curb ... or in Hollywood making millions ... or on a stage, playing with my band. My band broke up, but I'm trying to form a new one. Anyone out there who's interested, do your best to contact American High and tell me because I'm totally interested in anyone who has any talent!

victory525: Do you (or your band) have a web page?

Morgan: Yeah, but I'm not with that band anymore, so I guess the web page is gone. I do have a CD if anyone is interested. Please email American High and I will do my best to get you a copy of it. And I assure you that it's none of that sell-out Limp Bizkit junk. Not a thing!

american_high_host: Check out

jessijay2002: When you watch the episodes of American High, do you ever regret anything you said?

Morgan: Not one thing! I'm proud to be who I am and to have said the things I said! I don't regret the things I did, but those I've never done.

terra_firma106: we just saw the dance today. How did you feel after you saw that it came out good?

Morgan: I was pumped. Energy flowing all through my body.

aaron9500: did the camera stop you from doing anything like going to parties and getting drunk?

Morgan: No. In high school, I did not get drunk or engage in any drug activity or alcohol activity. I was against those things.

american_high_host: Are you still?

Morgan: Yeah. As much as a college student could be ....

ariela235: boxers or briefs?

Morgan: Boxers, all the way! !!!! I love to let 'em hang!!!

sweetroxy182: do you think korn is a sell out band?

Morgan: Korn is a sellout band!!!!!!!!!! And old Korn was the best Korn. New Korn is just sellout pathetic stuff! That's one of the deepest issues for me, man. Is how much Korn has sold out!!!!!

american_high_host: What kind of music do you want your band to play?

Morgan: Stuff that you're not going to see on MTV and stuff that kids who are into the metal music don't have to worry about getting sold out for product endorsement. I'm all about the music.

american_high_host: Would you want to write original music too?

Morgan: Totally original music. I have books of lyrics that I've written of songs. And none of them are about the Nookie or Oops, doing it again ... or any of that junk!!!!!

npnymph: Who would play you in a movie about your life?

Morgan: Leonardo DiCaprio. NOOOOO! :) I don't know. Some rebel kind of guy. James Dean! Even though he's dead, I'd resurrect him and make him play me. 'Cause I'm a rebel without a cause!

veetronic78: do you have any tattoos?

Morgan: I have no tattoos yet, but I have 3 new body piercings. Facial piercings.

american_high_host: Where are they?

Morgan: I have one Lebert ... that's right on my chin.

american_high_host: Why'd you get them?

Morgan: Somewhat to be original, and because I thought I needed some change in my life because I was looking too much like Eminem.

veetronic78: what's one word that you would use to describe yourself?

Morgan: I don't know, I'm afraid to be censored if I said it .......I don't think there is ONE word that describes me. Or rebellious. Or rambunctious.

britneyboy7543: Who would play the love intrest?

Morgan: Wow. There's so many to choose from. Forget Brittney! I don't know. Salma Hayek. Cameron Diaz. Julia Stiles. Or Michelle Rodriguez from Girlfight. She's tough. She don't take no stuff from nobody. At least in the movie.

american_high_host: What do you look for in a woman?

Morgan: Um ..... originality. Cute looks. Smart. Funny. Sensitive. Huge heart. And ..... not shy in expressing her feelings. But most of all, originality.

bluespatula1: Morgan, do u still visit Highland Park high school on occasions?

Morgan: I am forbidden to ever set foot back on school property because of some laws I broke when I was there which you will find out in one of the final episodes. So ... no. I'm not allowed back.

nfgchica3986: What do you have to say to people that say the show was staged?

Morgan: Staged???? Come meet me and I'll prove you wrong. I'm all real and that's the way I am and if you don't like it...

veetronic78: do you see yourself doing "normal" stuff like settling down being married raising kids?

Morgan: I totally want to have kids. I love those little things. They're so cool. They have tons of energy. I'm at the same brain level as them. And I'm sure if I find Ms. Right I'll be happy to settle down and marry her.

flosseychick: Do you still do gymnastics?

Morgan: I practice myself and teach a little bit.

bigfanny_2002: Do you have any pets beside your dog?

Morgan: Seven freakin' cats!!! Can you believe that?????

getupkids17: Are you and Salina still together?

Morgan: Nope. Not at all. She turned her back on me and totally changed her ways. She totally broke my heart in the end.

diabla439: what's the deal with your little brother?

Morgan: He's a straight A student and I'm a straight F student. I break all the rules. He abides to all of them. We're two totally different people, yet we're somewhat of the same.

babyandsweety2000: Would you raise your kids the way your parents raised you?

Morgan: I'd probably allow my kids a little more freedom and allow them to express their mind and be free about what they do. But if they ever stepped out of line and got arrested, BOY, would the smackdown be put on them! Because I've served time for all my crimes and I don't want my kids to go through the same thing. What would you do the same as your parents? That's kind-of hard. Hmmmmm. I guess provide for my children. Stand up for my children. And most of all, be there for the at all costs and at all times.

american_high_host: We're chatting with Morgan from American High. Check out the Web site at! Send in your questions for Morgan....

candyaddict85: Has your experience with American High opened up the doors for opportunity for you?

Morgan: At first they did, but once the show was cancelled, the doors closed quickly. So I hope and pray to see at least one or two more doors so I'm never forgotten.

fabfunk3: Morgan, you are a real person. In high school, that's hard to find. Thanx for being real.

Morgan: Thank you very much. I try my hardest and I hope I influenced everyone who watched and not try to hide behind what clothes they wear or who they hang out with or how much money they have or what's cool and what's not.

magick_man81: do you ever wish you were a straight A student?

Morgan: Sometimes. But that wouldn't be being myself. And I'm pretty sure that wouldn't match my characteristics. Cause you can't be in Harvard and also be in jail.

patiff: So is there any ways are you similar to other real people documented by RJ Cutler (Bill Clinton,James Carville, George Stephanopolis?

Morgan: LOL! Noooooo way! Did not do anything with Monica Lewinsky! If I did do it, I probably WOULD inhale! And that's pretty much about it. And I'm not as boring .... as most of them are!

veetronic78: what was the last book you read for pleasure?

Morgan: Book that I've read? Whew. I'd say The Cat In The Hat. Or Where The Monsters Go. But other than that, I've been forced to read lots of fluff for school and every once in a while, you get a good Shakespeare book. I have to say that one of my favorite books of all time would have to be Of Mice and Men.

american_high_host: Why do you like it?

Morgan: It's a great story. I really liked the way they helped out each other. I feel bad that things had to go the way they did. But it really touches my heart and every once in a while, I try to relate to it as much as I can.

veetronic78: if you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

Morgan: I have no idea. I got rid of my zits! That was a cool thing! I used to wish for that but now they're gone! I like being real. Change .... I'd probably be a more clean person because I can say that my room looks exactly the same as it did in the documentary and that's pretty sad. I had a hard time finding the phone just now.

amerhigh: Morgan, you are so open, it hurts. Were you as open pre-American High?

Morgan: I always was open, no matter cameras, not cameras, people paying attention or everyone ignoring me. I had the biggest mouth in the school and there was no way you could have gone to my school without knowing who I was and what I was about.

radioted2001: What's the most interesting thing you've done since you graduated highschool?

Morgan: Damn. Looking back. Sad. Hmmmmmmmm. Gone to L.A. Partied with some TV stars, courtesy of Fox, I'd say.

jumper712: do strangers notice you now?

Morgan: Every once in a blue moon. I'd just be kidding myself.

fabfunk3: Did you like Kaytee?

Morgan: Kaytee? I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. Key point. She's an original person, I 'll give her that. Not into her style of music. Some of her opinions vary from mine. She's been my neighbor all my life so I can't hate her. I guess that's about it. Some people like her, some people don't.

amerhigh: You said on the show you wore a mask. Could you say more about that?

Morgan: I'm a pretty tough guy in person. I'm quick to jump the gun and I'm really verbal with things. But when it all boils down, I'm a pretty kind and sensitive guy on the inside as you can see in my love for working with disabled people and my love for my now ex-girlfriend. And even with my rebel ways and my big mouth, deep down, I'm a really sweet caring guy. Believe it or not.

kbawff711085: Is there anything we can do to let others know not to make fun of other kids with disabilities?

Morgan: I'd say deep down, everyone is different from everyone else. No one is truly normal. Be proud of your disability becuase it makes you original from everyone else. If people want to make fun of you for that, they're a smaller person. And don't let anyone ever keep you down. Keep your head up. I strongly believe that. I say that on the behalf of anyone with disabilities. Anyone who's ever been called a dork or labelled a scapegoat or an outsider. And it hurts to know that there's so much hate in the world and that people would do such hurtful things without being educated on the subject.

american_high_host: Check out make a face in the interactive yearbook, speak up on the message boards, and check out video diaries!

loaded_trailer_trash: what did you do today?

Morgan: Today? Went to school. Gave a speech. Came home. Worked. Called you guys up. And am probably going to go to sleep. Pretty boring day today. But who knows what the weekend will hold. What adventures lie this weekend?

babyandsweety2000: How do you feel about those whom feel the show does not have many ethnic groups in it? Only really one black and one hispanic and the rest white?

Morgan: I feel bad. My friend, Gus, who was not in it, was Hispanic, and I wish they showed more of him because he had a real interesting story. You have to realize that this is not every high school in America thus some of us are not blessed with multi-racial classes. But I try to be friends with every race, every color, every person, everybody. Black. White. Male. Female. Large. Tall. Big. Small. Because deep down, we're all the same. Even I am the same as everyone else. Deep down inside.

little_pretty182: knowing how things would end with your x-gf, would you go back and change anything?

Morgan: I'd say yes ..... but I really highly doubt that it would make it any better. Cause all I ever wanted was for her to be happy and if what she's doing makes her happy, then more power to her and I'm sorry I'm not a part of that anymore, as much as it hurts.

jenq: Did keeping a journal help you sort out your thoughts during your senior year of high school? Do you continue to keep a journal (though probably written) even now?

Morgan: Yeah. Keeping a journal really helped a lot because I didn't have to walk around with all my problems bottled up inside. I could let it out to a machine or a camera. Every once in a while, I'll whip out my video camera and record a diary. Every once in a while, I go through the billion diary episodes I have. About half of them aired, so there's lots of stuff, trust me, that didn't even make it ... diary wise. And if so many people are really interested in my life, they should start a website or write to a tv station and say they want to see me or something. But I don't want to ask too much. If I had a tv show, I'd try to be as true to the viewers as I possibly could.

patiff: Opninion on Napster?

Morgan: If you're making so much money, stop bitching. It's only music and we all have to realize that when music originally started, it wasn't about girls or money .... it was about spreading the love. And more power to the people who make music free, along with other things.

american_high_host: What are your parting words for America tonight Morgan?

Morgan: Veni, Vidi, Vici. I came, I saw, I conquered. Thank you, everyone.

american_high_host: And on that eloquent note... Goodnight everyone! Join us next week for another American High chat -- Wednesday at 11 p.m. ET, 8 p.m. PT. And don't forget to visit the American High Web site at! Thanks again to Morgan for joining us tonight. Goodnight!