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american_high_host: Welcome to our American High chat. Tonight we will be chatting with American High grad Morgan. He will be joining us shortly so start sending in your questions. How would you feel with cameras following you around 24/7? Documenting your every move? Continue sending in your great questions. Morgan will be joining us in just about 10 minutes. In the meantime, check out the American High web site at where you can see behind the scenes film, video diaries and create your own picture in the interactive yearbook. We will be chatting with American High grad Morgan in just a couple of minutes. Keep sending in your great questions. Morgan has lot's of good stuff to dish. Welcome Morgan. Morgan from American High just joined us. Morgan, how do you like the idea of having fans?

Morgan: Cool! It's great, I walk up them and introduce myself, talk for five minutes, introduce myself, shake their hands, I am not some snobby actor, I like saying hi! It's really funny when I get a group of 11 year olds, but whatever audience I can get, I guess!

lilchickie0720: What would be your perfect kind of girl?

Morgan: I don't know! I have no idea, I could not say.

pinksync: How can I get a copy of your CD? I'd love to hear it!

Morgan: Actually that band has broken up, but I do have a recording of it, so if you go bug PBS, they can get in touch with me and I can send you one.

superchick4094: last time u were in the chat, alot of people showed interest in u. have u continued to talk to any of them? and if so, what about me!!! :C )

Morgan: What?!? What's up?!? I'd talk to you if you emailed me!

sensimilla_chic: Are you still the "clean" (no drugs) dude now?

Morgan: Yes I am, and proud!

jujygum1: do people ever call you a wigger?

Morgan: It's like a white guy trying to act like he's black. If anyone called me that they'd get pimp smacked.

recently_washed_dildo: I hate that pablo dude, what were your impressions of him and his haircut?

Morgan: Oo, no comment.

mirrachick2004: do u ever look back at the episodes and wish u had got better grades?

Morgan: Sometimes, yeah, but then again I wish I slacked off more sometimes too.

iluvovaltine: What started you acting so defiantly against your parents?

Morgan: I was a young lad.... Me and my parents just grew apart, three adults in a household we just bumped heads I guess. Some people just are blessed with good relationships, some aren't. So I came off like a jerk sometimes, come live with my parents for a week, that'll change your mind.

wheatus27: Do you think there's really a reason to life?

Morgan: I guess we're all put here as a test, but I take life day by day and live life to the fullest, because who knows? You might only live once, you might as well party as hard as you can.

oldnavyblonde_2004: What is "pimp smacked"?

Morgan: That's what happens when you call me a Wigger!

papernutboundfeet: Youve seemed to have collected a gathering of girls that idiolise you for the "bad boy" appeal. As cool as that has to be for you ego, do you feel ackward about it or ever feel undeservant of it?

Morgan: Huh? No, I hope people just like me for who I am not what I am. That's what I look for in other people. And I'm not just all a bad guy, there's a cute, kind little person inside there!

chrisjbos: What's been the best thing that's come from doing the American High project?

Morgan: I'd say meeting people, I got to meet a lot of great people during and after the project. And having something to look back on when I'm 40 years old to show my kids -- when they're the right age!

bigfanny_2002: Do you think your brother looks up to you?

Morgan: Sometimes yes, other times I look up to my brother. He's 14. We're pretty close.

neo_arc: What's changed since the show was filmed?

Morgan: I have none of the friends or relationships that I had on the show. It seemed like once I was done with high school everyone turned their back on

smclanton: i'm a musician too, what are some of your influences the guitar?

Morgan: Machine Head, Mushroom Head, old Korn, Taproot, Sepultura.

papernutboundfeet: What model camera did they give you to shoot the diaries with?

chrisjbos: Did you get to keep the video cameras you used for your video diaries?

Morgan: I'm not even sure, I know it's not fully out on the market though, it's got a lot more percs, it was a pretty expensive camera. We were not able to keep the cameras.

bf5chick: does it feel strange to have reached people on such a deep level?

Morgan: Yeah it does actually, but it's a great feeling. I think it feels good to know that I can touch people on such deep levels.

american_high_host: What do like best about yourself?

Morgan: I don't know, my originality, my personality. I'm always up spirited, always trying to make sure everybody is happy.

iluvovaltine: How long did this all take, the whole American High filming?

Morgan: The show took a year to film.

atriphex: did taping everything you do help you better understand yourself? and did the show on your resume helkp you get into colleges?

Morgan: Yeah it helped me have a better look on myself, to see how much I could stand out, it made me realize a lot of things. And it definitely helped me get into college, I gave a huge seminar about the show the day I came. But it doesn't help me get jobs that's for sure.

bf5chick: isn't it terrible how people grow apart once they separate, due to college and stuff?

gunj07104: Why do you think they turned their back on you?

Morgan: Because they were all interested in themselves and where they thought they wanted their lives to go, and weren't really concentrated on friendships. That and they were just jerks.

american_high_host: Morgan, someone wants to know did the creators ever ask you to stage anything?

Morgan: Yes, they did it when I opened my college letter, it happened once. They weren't there for it, and they asked me to do it again and act like it was the first time. And it didn't work out at all, cause I'm not going to stage something for a documentary show.

chrisjbos: Do you think they should do another American High project? American High2 or something...and what advice would you give to those participants?

Morgan: I'm not sure they will do a second season, there is talk of it though. I'm not sure it's a good idea, cause kids will clown, etc. But if they do, it should be all Morgan 24/7. It will be my own TV show, American High 2. I want to get my own TV show, have local bands on there, just rock out, go interview weird people, have some Tom Green stuff, some serious stuff, it'll be cool, but nobody's biting on the line... It's like all my fame went down the drain.

american_high_host: You're an energetic guy, right? No honestly, were you ever told to tone it down a bit?

Morgan: Yes actually. I had a spazz out moment once during the dance thing, I started going crazy and shook the boom mike and the boom mike guy got really mad, and they told me to calm down.

neverland48: Why do you only plan to live for only 20 more years?

Morgan: I want to live life to the fullest, I don't want to get old and slow down. I have too much energy to be slow.

papernutboundfeet: Im hoping that my screwed relationship with my mom will get better after highschool...have you found that to be happening now that you're older?

Morgan: Sort of.... It's better because they like that I'm in college, but it doesn't get too much better, not until after college, I hope.

mirrachick2004: do you think that your parents understand you more after seeing the show

Morgan: No, they knew that was me the whole time, the knew that's who I was even before the cameras started rolling.

american_high_host: Did you enjoy volunteering with the kids?

Morgan: Yes I loved helping out with the kids, that was one of the greatest things that I did, and I still volunteer on the weekends.

papernutboundfeet: Were there any parts of the show that got edited out that you really wished your audiences could see?

Morgan: There were tons of scenes like that, I couldn't pick one, but they have tons of that stuff.

nurf_hurdur: If you hadn't been on the show, do you think you would have watched it?

Morgan: I'm on the show and I don't watch it. BUt yeah I guess I would watch an episode or two.

atriphex: would you be in american college the show if they had it?

Morgan: Hell yeah dude!

neo_arc: Best time of your life: high school or college?

Morgan: High school thus far. Although college is fun.

benjammin19144: Where are you in college?

Morgan: Columbia College in Chicago, Illinois, people can stop down and see me on Tuesday, Wed., or THursday.

ananda487: What are you planning on majoring in in colledge?

Morgan: Acting I hope.

american_high_host: Morgan, someone is asking what you think about tatoos?

Morgan: Yeah, freak yourself out, pierce everything and get tattoos! That's all the school is a bunch of tattooed weirdos. But don't get me wrong, it's a great school.

prrfect_grrl: But did you do American High for the fame?

Morgan: Not really. If I had done it for fame then I really would be screwed now wouldn't I? But I didn't do it for fame, although it would have been nice.

gpsangel: they really should do morgan 24/ do they pick the people that they wanted to be in the show?

rw51: Let's see if I can make this work. I went to HPHS '69 (my mother went, too, in the '40s) & love this show. It's almost the only normal thing on TV! My 18 year-old daughter, who lives in Germany, thinks so too. Major congrats!

Morgan: Cool! That's awesome! Someone in Germany knows who I am!

sensimilla_chic: What is your most craziest dream?

Morgan: It involves whipped cream, chocolate syrup and a whole lot of butterscotch.

papernutboundfeet: How involved or interested were you in the crew aspect of the shoots?

Morgan: The crew were my best friends, got along with everybody, they were great guys, still hang out with them once in awhile, became really good friends with those guys.

neo_arc: what about starting a public access channel show?

Morgan: I guess I could do that, but I don't think anybody out here would watch it.

american_high_host: Has any fan done anything really crazy?

Morgan: I don't think anybody has weirded me out before, everybody I met was cool, they didn't try to rip my clothes off or beat me up or anything.

dandelion_puff: What's more important to you: Fame, love, or money?

Morgan:Love. Love flat out. fame. Love is more important than any amount of money or any amount of fame.

gunj07104: So do you have like a fan club that comes and visits you?

Morgan: I wish! I wish somebody would put together a fan club for me, we'd go to Burger King and go bowling and chill, it would be great. I'd be the only guy who hung out with his fan club and did everything with his fan club.

falcons03us: morgan is kind of an unusual name for a kid our age--did you like growing up with a different name?

Morgan: No, I got made fun of a lot with this name, but I think I took the name out of the dirt and put it up with the stars!! No, I like it know, I think it's original -- like me!

missymossop: have you found a closer group of friends at college?

Morgan: I'm getting there, I've found a really cool friend, but I haven't gotten a real tight group yet.

gpsangel: when you were a little kid did you dream of a different life then what you have?

Morgan: I always did, I always dreamed of something else, I think everybody does that. American High put me one step closer to my dream of being famous.

Emmaluv2: Do you think school and just life in general today is to much on kid's?

Morgan: Yeah it is...Look how many kids shoot of schools every day, and they try to blame that on music, or drugs... I think it's the schools and all the pressure, the way kids treat each other these days, fighting, gangs, and segregation...

recently_washed_dildo: Are they planning to make a reunion episode or anything when the run of the show is over?

Morgan: Yeah, they have a catch up, where they are now, at the end of all the episodes, new footage of where we are today. I remember I did mine in like five minutes. I was rushing to get out of the house, I was in the bathroom, I was rushing...

missymossop: What's your biggest fear?

Morgan: Being alone, or being a nobody. Just being an everyday Joe.

american_high_host: Morgan, someone wants to know whether you would choose not to feel any emotional pain?

Morgan: No. Definitely not. I think emotions are what makes life what it is. If I hadn't had my heart broken I wouldn't have been able to grow emotionally, if I hadn't had my friends turn their backs on me I wouldn't have been able to grow emotionally. I care too much not to have emotions.

smclanton: If you could take back one thing you've done in life, what would it be?

Morgan: Nothing. I don't regret the things I did, but those things I haven't done.

gpsangel: what do you think of sex before marriage?

Morgan: My grandma says, why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?!? I don't know....sometimes if you love someone enough and you want to share something like that with, it's cool. If you want to do it, go for it, but just make sure he calls you the next day though. And make sure it's to someone special.

jujygum1: what are your thoughts on napster?

Morgan: I think Metallica and all those rich bands need to shut up. They're making all this money as it is, why shouldn't kids be able to listen to that stuff for free, what happened to being in it for the fans, seems like all these artists are in it for the paychecks, that's not what it should be about.

american_high_host: We're chatting tonight with American High grad Morgan Moss. Keep sending in your great questions.

riles_007: Who would play you (besides you) in a made for TV movie about your life?

Morgan: Hmm. Good question. Samuel L. Jackson! Just kidding...I have no idea. I commend the person that could take on that role. Probably Eminem. Nah, just kidding.

preston_3_2_4: If you could have the personality of any celeb whose would you have?

Morgan: Mine! I love my personality, I don't want to be some uptight coke addict like Robert Downey Jr. or some anorexic chick like Ally McBeal.

dandelion_puff: What's tha craziest thang you'd do for a million bucks???

Morgan: Good question! I'd do a lot for a million dollars, damn near close to anything! Sky diving butt naked, cover myself in peanut butter and run thru a library, damn near anything, except staying on an island and eating worms. Or waste a relationship like on Temptation Island.

cutelilme1985: If you could meet anyone ( dead or alive) who would it be?

Morgan: Brandon Lee. Guy from the Crow one of the greatest guys ever. Or Tupac Shakur.

preston_3_2_4: What do you think is more of a proplem for teens today music lyrics or violence?

Morgan: I don't know, I think everything has it's own problems. If you want to blame it on music or lyrics, I'm sure it's something else, I think it's weak. I think it's just the violence that is out there, the mentality of survival of the fittest in this day and age.

bf5chick: you'll never be any everyday joe because you are too goal-oriented!

Morgan: Thank you so much. Much respect!

gpsangel: i have the same fear too..i have this feeling that when im older im gonna be 50 and living in an apartment with my cats..

Morgan: So lets grow old together, I'm going to start my own retirement home, partying, disco, all kinds of great stuff, we'll all be chilling there with our dogs and cats....

evilqueenbitch2000: If you could stay in high school for the rest of your life would you?

Morgan: Yeah! Cause then I'd know I didn't have to pass, so I could slack off and hang out all day, nah...not my whole life, but more than four years definitely, as much as I hated it it was still fun.

rillamarilla2000: Do you believe in God?

Morgan: Sure, I guess so, I'm not a Jehovas Witness, I believe it fate, horoscopes, and God, something's got to keep the world going around.

justsomehotchick: if your could give us young ppl on line a word on advice what would it be ?

Morgan: Live life to the fullest, be who you can be, be safe about your actions, don't get caught, have fun.

thenme1204: What is your main goal in life? How do plan to leave the world differently than how it was given to you?

Morgan: I don't know, I want to challenge the world, take it on, I don't know, I want to leave a huge mark on the world, in any way I can, if it's helping people or bringing them joy. One of these times, I need to invite all these kids over to a party or something, I'm going to do that...Party at my house!

preston_3_2_4: What is the toughest decsion you have ever had to made so far in your life?

Morgan: I don't know, I've had tons of tough decisions, I take them on one by one, losing friends, relationships, choosing schools was a tough decision, all the things I rebelled against, that was all tough.

missymossop: What do you look for in friendships?

Morgan: Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, totally being there for one another, a shoulder to cry on, to cheer you up.

papernutboundfeet: What do you think is worse- dealing with your own emotional pain or watching peole you love deal with theirs?

Morgan: That's a hard question to answer. Sometime I feel my emotional pain is too much to take, and then sometimes I see people close to me have emotional pain, and that's hard to take,so I couldn't say which one was worse.

rillamarilla2000: What's your greatest memory from your childhood?

Morgan: I'd have to say it's actually on video, I wish they put it on American High, the first time I swore it was on camera, I was playing with a kid, and he dropped something on my foot, and I said "Bastard", and then you see the camera drop, and me getting dragged away by my ear.

thenme1204: Who did you look up to the most as a kid? And now?

Morgan: I don't know who I looked up to, there were people I thought were really cool, sometimes I was into their actions, but there was no one I idolized, and I didn't segregate myself to one group.

says_sadly: morgan, how long did it take for you to get used to the camera and be able to act naturally around it?

Morgan: Couple of weeks, maybe a month.

Emmaluv2: Do you think your life will ever slow down?

Morgan: I don't know. Kind of hope not, once it slows done, means I'm getting old I guess. I hope my life speeds up, get some phone calls from MTV or Miramax, like, we want you star in my movie. Make billions of dollars off it, just chill.

jujygum1: if you were on survivor, how far do you think you would get?

Morgan: I totally would win, take all those old farts out.

pinksync: Who would you say your hero is?

Morgan: My hero? I don't know. I don't really have a hero.

cutelilme1985: Weren`t you sick of being tapped all the time?

Morgan: Nah, not really, kind of missed it once it was gone.

dandelion_puff: What's yer dream car???

Morgan: A Lamberghini Countosh.

remi_lane02: What do you think about these kids who take guns to school and kill their classmates?

Morgan: I don't know how to take it, crazy world, crazy times. I don't like the way they try to blame it on certain things, I don't think everyone who listens to Eminem or DMX is going to cap a teacher. Teachers piss me off but I never wanted to bring a gun to school and cap him.

preston_3_2_4: Do you live more in the future or the present?

Morgan: In the future.

pocoloco26: so morgan actor or musician?

Morgan: Both.

angelc42683: i just came in here so you may have allready answered this but how are things with Salima??

Morgan: She's off to boot camp right now, and she's going off to join the National Guard,I am not a part of her life anymore.

Emmaluv2: How do you feel about finding "real love" in high school?

Morgan: I don't know, I'm sure you can. It's the best place to look, you're around a bunch of women nine periods a day. You may find her anywhere. She could be at the diner, the girl in your math class, your hairstylist, she could be anywhere.....

preston_3_2_4: What is the one thing that bothers you most about other people

Morgan: I think everybody has their own little annoying trait, but it's something to work on, something to get used to.

missymossop: Honestly, would you ever judge a girl by her looks or weight?

Morgan: No. Not at all. I never judge people on their looks.

entmcguire2001: If you could sum up this whole expirence what one word would do it?

Morgan: Wow!

gpsangel: if you had had the chance would you have gone to a private school?

Morgan: No way! I like being open to the public! Not unless it was an all girls school and they had to wear those little uniforms.

vipergirl_now2000: if you could change something about your life what would it be?

Morgan: I might make myself a little bit taller.

Morgan: Love, peace and chicken grease!

american_high_host: Well on that note we end the evening. Thanks so much Morgan for joining us tonight. And thanks

Morgan: Rock on!

american_high_host: Thank you everyone for sending your great questions.Thanks again. And don't forget to visit the web site at and join us next week for another American High chat.