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american_high_host: Hi everyone! Welcome to our American High chat. This week our guest is American High grad Pablo....he'll join us in just a few minutes...So stay tuned! And keep sending in your questions....for this self-proclaimed "poetically inclined hooligan"! Check out the American High Web site at Wonder what makes Pablo tick? Why he does what he does? Now's your chance to ask. Just a few more minutes...Ask him about life, love, philosophy...Pablo Neruda.....anything under the sun. Can you relate to Pablo? Do you have friends like him? If you had 5 minutes with Pablo, what would you want to talk to him about? Just a few more minutes til you can chat with Pablo from PBS' American High. Here we go! First a few words from Pablo....

Pablo: These are the views of Pablo Otavalo, being myself, neither PBS nor Yahoo! nor FOX nor the entire American High production group will be held accountable for these views, If any views are to be expressed towards him directly, please send them to or if he does not respond there at

american_high_host: Keep your great questions coming!

flowerchild90: Do you really want to join the marines??

Pablo: Hell yeah! It's a great organization, a great institution, a great place to be if you like to be institutionalized.

american_high_host: Can you be a poet and a marine at the same time?

Pablo: Watch me!

flowerchild90: Do you like photography or writing better??

Pablo: They are like children, it depends.

american_high_host: It depends on what?

Pablo: On what I'm doing at the tme!

american_high_host: Hey everyone, we're chatting with Pablo from American High....Send in your questions and see what this self-proclaimed "poetically-inclined hooligan" has to say!

j_mb007: holy crap! is it just me or is this is the kind of show that drives kids to violence???

Pablo: Oh I hope so! If this isn't the type of show, there are a million other ones that will. P.S. what violence are you referring to?

chewbaca4ever: what do you konw about "love life, philsophy"????

Pablo: Nothing, little and a lot more than you could imagine.

american_high_host: Do you have a favorite philosopher?

Pablo: Yes I do. Jesus H. Christ.

american_high_host: Why is that?

Pablo: Because, the man has written a lot and a lot has been written about him.

youvereachedthesicness: What kinda writing do you do if you write??? im curious because im in a writing class and if its ok i might wanna let you read some of my stuff?????????????

Pablo: I'd love it! Send it in! Not here, but at the address given above.

american_high_host: Do you mostly write poetry?

Pablo: Mostly.

american_high_host: What other kinds of things do you write?

Pablo: But I also write prose, English.

american_high_host: Do you have a favorite author? Who?

Pablo: Yes. A mixture of Whitman, Dickinson, Neruda and possibly Adams.

american_high_host: What do you like about Neruda?

Pablo: I love his imagery. I love everything!

oo64eva: How did losing your friend effect you emotionally... you appeared as if you held your emotions in.

Pablo: I did hold my emotions in, that's a good observation.

american_high_host: Why do you think you did that?

Pablo: Because I have the right to.

american_high_host:Was it because you were on film?

durstsgirl2000: Pablo rawks!

Pablo: Thank you!

valnslc: Pablo, have u ever been to National Student Leadership Conference?

Pablo: They've never invited me.

youvereachedthesicness: Where did you graduate from? well basically where is it located and what do you really do????????

Pablo: I graduated from Highland Park High School, redundant, redundant, I don't do much.

chewbaca4ever: Pablo is a drugie!

Pablo: Why are so many of you leaving the room?

Pablo: Who figured it out? Defend myself? Against what? Sorry that this is so slow!

american_high_host: Would you describe yourself that way?

Pablo: No.

american_high_host: Does it bother you if other people do?

Pablo: Why would it?

riles_007: What made you want to be on American High?

Pablo: It's a TV show.

chewbaca4ever: do you like beef?......????

Pablo: Not really.

flowerchild90: Totally in both ways I can relate and i have friends like him. He is a cool guy

Pablo: Thank you very much.

american_high_host: Pablo has some questions he'd like to "ask himself." #1 Is there a God?

Pablo: Why isn't anyone answering this? I'm supposed to answer this? Why is there silence? In reference to God, yes.

american_high_host: #2 Why is feminism doomed to fail? (this is Pablo's question)

Pablo: I'm waiting....

american_high_host: He wants to know what you think!

Pablo: You are absolute mutes, we are in a room of taciturn....

american_high_host: Everyone has joined the room, nobody has said a thing!

dle1803301: would i ever find my true love

Pablo: Keep looking.

american_high_host: Any other advice?

Pablo: Yes. Be selective.

darkangel_bitch4000: okay...I just watched the show and...well I was just wondering if that girl is still his friend after all that stuff that went on at the house with the cops and everything....

Pablo: In regards to feminism, because you're not trying, Period.

american_high_host: #3 What's the worst thing about racism?

Pablo: Are you guys expecting a joke? Hi Panda panda bear! I am a polar bear. A bi-polar bear. Seriously, you people are statutes. That is - statues. Is anyone on this chat from Texas? Is anyone here from Albany? Does anyone not like the show? In regards to racism...the worst problem about the disease of racism is that even good people are afflicted. And though it is quite curable and treatable, it is also quite fatal! Next question - say something!

american_high_host: Check out the American High Web site at

Pablo: Check out Are there any adults here? If there are, you are as silent as infants. Are there any kids here? You are as quiet as corpses. If I wanted to talk to myself... I would have masturbated!!!

american_high_host: What are you to these days?

Pablo: What are my favorite classes? Do I like sports? What's my favorite TV show? Do I like sex?
Seriously, this is the most boring thing I've ever done! And in regards to sex, I'm the best I've ever had.
Does no one care about OPEC? What about NAFTA? What about the missile shield dammit? BUSH IS AN INFANTILE IDIOT! IF YOU'D LIKE I CAN EXPLAIN MYSELF!!!

american_high_host: Ok, I'll bite. Explain yourself!

Pablo: He is an infant for he is being guided like one. And he is an idiot for he shows it. God is dead!

american_high_host: Do you guys agree with everything Pablo is saying?

Pablo: Does no one care? Please?!?!

american_high_host: What do you think about Bush? NAFTA? OPEC?

Pablo: I am so alone..... In this "beeping" crowd.

american_high_host: Where are you from, Pablo?

Pablo: I was born in Equador, I came here when I was seven. In regards to God's death...please ressurect God!

american_high_host:Were you raised with a lot of religion?

Pablo: Yes, Catholic and Christian laissez faire.

american_high_host: Check out the American High Web site at We've been experiencing technical difficulties, thanks for hanging in with us everyone! Keep those great questions coming. We're chatting with Pablo from American High.

kestrel417: The Free Trade Area of the America's is horrible, too, everyone knows that deep down the idea of "free trade" is just a way for corporations to decide how the world is going to work.

Pablo: Thank you! America's corporations would like to use the rest of America as its labor force, its guinea pig and its feast. But the pig will rupture!

penis_fart: You disagree with the leader of your country yet you feel the need to join the Marines, and work for him. "Hipo-crit"

Pablo: Hippocrit is a man who cannot admit that he does something wrong. I take full responsibility for my mistakes.

firstthingthatcametomind: Pablo, are you honestly satisfied with lumpen-Marxist ad homninism?

Pablo: Explain yourself.

oprahsbookclub: if god is dead how are you alive

Pablo: Explain yourself. Once you do , I will.

resident1000000: Pablo i love all of your views

Pablo: Thank you!

oprahsbookclub: it is ridiculous to believe he can live and die like human beings

Pablo: I agree. God never lived, God can never die.

mikeeh2002: no one likes u pablo we love kaytee

Pablo: Good, then go talk to Kaytee, see if she'll listen.

flowerchild90: lost in a tide of nothingness?

Pablo: I think you are!

slm0818: Well I do think Bush is an idoit a racist idiot ..

mesohorny_092001: i think pablo needs some serious counceling

Pablo: If you'd like to counsel me, I am free to be counseled. Who is your counselor?

emilottis: pablo, i'm very impressed with you on the show...curious to know how you've 'evolved' since hischool...and walk in peace, my brother...

Pablo: Thank you! I hope to keep evolving.

Gadzooxss: Pablo- have you explored all your options to get money for college?

Pablo: I'm working on that.

firstthingthatcametomind: Are corporations more than people, pens, and paper?

Pablo: Yes, they are worse.

juicycherries1979: hey Pablo. was it really difficult to open up to the camera knowing that people would judge you right off the bat? and how did you fight that? (on a side note...your writing is striking )

Pablo: Thank you. It was difficult at first to be true, but after awhile you got so tired that you had no choice.

bradleyess: What do you think of atheism?

Pablo: I don't think it exists.

roundpotty: you will want to shoot people if go to war once they brain wash you

Pablo: The sane people have a hard time brainwashing me, how do you think the insane people will do?

cecomchris: Please tell me Full Metal Jacket had nothing to do with your selecting the Marines!?

Pablo: It had a lot to do with me selecting the Marines.

chalmersmj: I am in the US Navy. I am stationed at Georgia. Have you talked to anyone in the Marines!

Pablo: Yes. I've talked to many people in the Marines. Also they've tried to recruit me for the Navy.

riles_007: Do you feel you were represented well in the last episode?

Pablo: That's not the last episode.

TroubleOh7: Do you feel your mother let you down as a parent?

Pablo: No.

kestrel417: I could tell from the show that Allie was a big pot smoker? Am I right?

Pablo: You have no idea!


Pablo: I am being recorded as we speak!

lightishere: Do you think you have a drinking problem?

Pablo: Do you like to drink? What do you drink? What the hell is your problem?

firstthingthatcametomind: Do you feel that you risk over-intellectualizing, & thereby cut yourself off from certain experiences?

Pablo: I'd rather that than the death of slow ignorance.

allegro_vivace_doll: pablo, if you were old enough to vote during the last election, would you have?

Pablo: You better believe it!

mikeeh2002: Explain yourself Pablo

Pablo: I'd love to.

TroubleOh7: Do you feel that your action will make an impression on your sisters when she is a teenager?

Pablo: Explain yourself!

firstthingthatcametomind: Does the filming of your life cheapen your experience? Enrich it? Something else?

Pablo: IT may cheapen it for the viewer. My experiences are my worthwhile. I hope I am enriched.

Pablo: Back to the subject of God:


Pablo: Who created you?

prestopia: god is just a nice little thought so that people will feel happy

Pablo: I like happy thoughts!

nescom01: God is in everyone, but not everyone wants to listen to him

k7falcon: america is extremly exploitative of weaker nations, and is in the practice of making them depndent on us for survival.

Pablo: Right, thank you Captain Obvious!

firstthingthatcametomind: Do you look at drug legalization at all from a theological standpoint? (Our government is a jealous idol, and will not permit the worship of plants?)

Pablo: Of course. But I think you might be wrong.

partygirl196: Feminism is not doomed to fail

Pablo: Why?

firstthingthatcametomind: Because feminism is concentric, while the individual is eccentric.

Pablo: Explain yourself!

penis_fart: IT ISN'T DOOMED! WOMEN WILL WIN! *crackle of a whip*

Pablo: Win what?

NAVILLUS68: Pablo do you believe we are condenmed to freedom like Mill says

Pablo: I think Mill was condemned to Mills.

oo64eva: What do you look for in a president?

Pablo: Someone not stupid!

shannygurl_14: I still wanna know if your friend and you talk anymore after the party incident??

Pablo: No.

oldnavyblonde_2004: My one boob is a little big bigger than my other boob. Would that be a problem if I was ur girfriend?

Pablo: Not at all. Would I date you?

riles_007: Do you dodge questions alot?

Pablo: What I mean is, maybe, I don't understand the question!

oo64eva: Will you show American High to your kids and tell them of your experiences... if you have kids.

Pablo: I will have kids. They'll probably hear about it before I talk about it. But why would I lie to my kids?

resident1000000: there is no God man

Pablo: Then go out and find him. You'll have a lot to talk about.


Pablo: The American High Host is representing the omnipresent and omnipotent force you have no control over!

american_high_host: Or, another way of say it is: PBS is the host, we're here chatting with Pablo, from the show "American High" on PBS!

penis_fart: Um.. Did it ever occur to you that religion has caused nothing but war? Not that I am "prej-i-dis" against any religion, I just hate them all.

Pablo: Of course. It is not prejudice to hate equally. But how many wars have caused religions?

penis_fart: Why do you answer all the smart people questions?

Pablo: Because the dumb people don't ask me enough!

bradleyess: Creation or evolution? you show both spiritual and analytical ideas

Pablo: The answer is simple! I am a Creationist!

flowerchild90: i am sad now

Pablo: Don't be sad!

csfan74: Would you do the show again???????

Pablo: This time, a new show. I'd hate to go back to high school!

justinsuperstar: What's your favorite kind of film -- black and white or color?

Pablo: If it's good....

cuddlebuggies: Pablo, who do you consider you greatest influence?

Pablo: That's tough.... Me! Oh God! I meant Confucious!

kestrel417: PAblo, do you consider yourself a socialist?

melonchunk420: Do you feel drug enforcement brings more violence then it prevents

Pablo: I believe that with so many kids forced into Ritalin, that's terrible drug enforcement and it brings on more violence.

kestrel417: Would you have voted for Nader rather than Gore in the election?

Pablo: Neither!

bradleyess: Is education the solution for successful pacifism?

Pablo: It is the solution!

cuddlebuggies: Pablo, did you ever feel like one of American High's token minorities to represent the show?

Pablo: I am sorry to say that minorities represent tokens. But, I do feel like I am one of American High's!

resident1000000: Pablo i must have your email address And bring your parents too. Or go to I will customize it soon.


Pablo: Who did it suck to? Who did it suck?!

allegro_vivace_doll: Do you pray? Do you consider spirituality an important part of your life?

Pablo: Of course.

firstthingthatcametomind: With all the questions you're getting, you're coming on like the Delphic oracle...

Pablo: That's scary!

smokebandit2001: Are girls throwing themselves at you after the show aired?

Pablo: Not more than before!

xxfuigusxx: Can u get me kaytee's number?

Pablo: You can always reach her at 1-800-getalife or http://www.f*

penis_fart: Be nice.. Just tell us your favorite types (groups/ bands/ whatever) of music.

Pablo: I'd love to. Family of You can find me there at the Friends option. My picture is listed as Pedro. Nirvana, Bob Dylan, Billie Holiday, Beethove, Satchmo, Mozart, Janis Joplin, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Elvis Costello, Elvis, The Velvet Underground, Bruce Springsteen, dammit - I forgot the rest! And my favorite break up CD is Counting Crowes.

firstthingthatcametomind: What is the proper role of a parent, in your opinion?

Pablo: The proper role of a parent is quite apparent!

firstthingthatcametomind: Who would be your perfect girl? Combine real and imaginary women, if you like, to answer.

Pablo: That's what I always do! My perfect girl -- would be Marilyn Monroe, Katherine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn, my girlfriend, and the Virgin Mary!

cuddlebuggies: Pablo, what is the meaning of life?

Pablo: To live, procreate and die.

bradleyess: Did you dread that the show would turn out like the "real world" or other poor reality shows?

Pablo: I love The Real World!

juicycherries1979: what would you say are the key things that drive your writing?

Pablo: My hand. Do you think I am an a$$hole?

NAVILLUS68: Do you like to dance in your underwear reading plato

Pablo: I hate Plato. No, I meant Playdo! I love my underwear!

cuddlebuggies: Who was the hotter roommate on Three's Company, Janet, Crissie, or Jack?

Pablo: Which Christie?

firstthingthatcametomind: Poetry: do you agree with Frost that poetry without rhyme is like tennis without a net?

Pablo: I disagree with Frost.

firstthingthatcametomind: Is love supreme? Might it be a biological epiphenomenon, or something mystical? Or is it neti, neti--not this, not that, undefinable?

Pablo: I think Love is a Supreme Biological Epiphenonmenon, mystical neti net. But overall, it is undefineable. Ha!

firstthingthatcametomind: Has your experience in front of the camera taught you anything that you would not have learned had you been behind it?


american_high_host: Pablo, do you have any parting words?

Pablo: While people are busy parting my words I would like to say that as I can look at my hands and know these are my hands, I can look at my words and know these are my words!

american_high_host:On that note.....that wraps it up for the American High chat this week! Thanks so much for coming! Check out the American High Web site at! Then join us next week for another American High chat......and tune in every Wednesday at 10 pm ET for a new episode of American High! See you next week!