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american_high_host: Hi everyone, welcome to this week's American High chat. Our guest this week is Pablo. We'll get started in about 5 minutes, so send in your questions for Pablo....a self-professed poet hidden by a jester's mask. Check out the American High Web site at! And keep those questions coming! In just about a minute, we'll start chatting with Pablo from American High. Keep those questions coming! Ok, let's get started. Thanks so much for joining us tonight, Pablo!

Pablo: All the views of Pablo Otavalo, that being myself, are not to be held accountable for PBS, Fox Corporation, nor Yahoo! or Coca-Cola. And if you have any questions or answers, please direct them to is the email address. Or go to this website ...

s0urapples: pablo, what are you doing now in your life? did you join the marines?

Pablo: No, I did not. And now I am self-employed.

reneer30054: hey Pablo how do u feel about all those camaras following u every where

pimp_skin: How has life changed since American High? Has it directly impacted you in ways you didn't expect?

Pablo: Yes.

romans16202000: Do you feel like you got to know the others? if so will yall keep in touch?

Pablo: I used to know them before the cameras came. I just know a little bit more now.

loalite: If you had 10 seconds with President Bush, what would you say?

Pablo: "Stop it!"

eyeobject: If you had the chance again, would you do the AH again?

Pablo: No, I'd hate to go back to high school.

ladylenee: How is your relationship with your mom?

Pablo: It's working. Kind-of. Sort-of. We're trying. I guess.

holly_beckwith: Do you have a girlfriend?

Pablo: No. Not as we speak.

loalite: What's the most quotable book you own?

Pablo: The Bible. Second edition. First edition's better, though.

velveteen19: what is your favorite flavor kool-aid?

Pablo: NEXT.

eyeobject: Why the marines? Do you still think it was the way to be independent?

Pablo: It can be a way to be independent, and why NOT the Marines.

electronichaven: i am in the same situation as yourself pablo, so how do i deal with my mom constantly holding me back from beng myself?

Pablo: I don't know. If I did, I wouldn't have been in that situation. Maybe you'll grow out of it. I guess I did.

uwantme03: i just joined so i dont know if youve answered this...but would you recommend the american high experience to others?

Pablo: Yes.

american_high_host: Why?

Pablo: It's more or less one of those journey things. You go through it and find out that the journey is the goal.

aekennan: loved the fairy tale commentaries tonight, Pablo: You're a writer, not a fighter.

Pablo: LOL! Thank you.

loalite: Do you ever participate in open mike nights? Do you like reading your poetry to people?

Pablo: Totally. I have a thing for it with girls, too. It's weird.

nik_grant86: Pablo, do you still live at home?

Pablo: No.

nurf_hurdur: Did you vote in this past election?

Pablo: HELL, no! I'm not a citizen.

HaRtLeSdRaGoN: Pablo is there a site or message board we can go to to read more of your poetry (I just love it)?

Pablo: I'm working on it. You can email me at OR email me at Do you guys want me to recite a poem right now?

prs_baby_girl: what is ur favorite band?

Pablo: Billie Holiday... but I don't care! Billie Holiday, Bob Dylan, And Buddy Holly, all playing in my head at the same time!

choirgeek03: didn't the complete lack of privacy when you were crying kinda freak you out?

Pablo: You can zone it out you forget everything. And actually, the cameraman started crying at that point. It was sad.

stinky_purple_haze: Did you ever smoke pot?

Pablo: I take the Fifth.

Pablo: Screw you people answering the thing ... I'm just going to say a poem .... Virginia Slims, menthol, extra slim She hated cigarettes. She took a long drag, held it forever, then slowly let it out Dropped it still lit Stepped on the ember Readjusted her wedding gown And walked back into church

american_high_host: When did you write that poem?

Pablo: I wrote that sophmore year. I have a series of them, actually. With girls getting married and divorced and engaged.

american_high_host: What inspired this series of poems?

Pablo: My mom getting married and divorced and engaged.

s0urapples: pablo, how is your mom?

Pablo: She's working.

ugly_kid_with_a_pic: Why do you type with such an expert type of form. Are you who you say you are?

Pablo: No, I never said I was anything.

Pablo: I love keeping them in the dark.

mickey9469: self employed as what?

Pablo: Go to my website!

Pablo: .[#b200b2mGO TO MY WEBSITE! [

There in the business section, go to "My Story" ... scroll down to the bottom. I'll be customizing my website as soon as I can.

chica_del_padre: do you ever wish you hadn't been picked?

Pablo: No!

loalite: If you could give high school freshmen one piece of advice, what would it be?

Pablo: Use protection!

jamus1_2000: Do you think the show accurately portrayed you and the other students?

Pablo: Portrayed - by definition - is not correct.

mbchoate_2000: Do you read your Bible much

velveteen19: what's one of your favorite movies to watch when you're in the mood to giggle?

Pablo: Roman Holiday, Bringing Up Baby, Annie Hall, Tootsie, Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid, And The Sting.

velveteen19: what do you look for in a girl?

Pablo: I look for Rita Hayworth.

superchik_403: How's your little sister doing?

Pablo: Wonderful! Glorious! Miraculously! Beautifully! Perfectly! Childishly great!

pimp_skin: Are you still in Highland Park? I'm from Lake County also. What do you think about everything going on with the Racial Profiling problems in Highland Park?

Pablo: Yeah, I'm still around. Racial profiling is a problem embedded in a problem. You can't simply "fix" a broken clock. You have to take the whole thing apart.

artzygrrlaliroc: So... would you say high school is best time of your life? I say no...

neysa_jasper: Pablo, so you are not joining the marines or any type of American Defense group?

Pablo: Not right nooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. I'll try it l......a..............t......................e........................r.

lizlock1202: how long have you been sharing your poetry?

Pablo: Since I was 7.

shoesole86: If you could be reincarnated as a muppet which muppet would it be?

Pablo: Snuffleupagus (spelling?). Okay, from The Muppet Show.

casketkeys: Have you ever thought about being a musician, maybe putting your words to music?

Pablo: Yes.

lizlock1202: pablo what is your favorite poem?

Pablo: I like your body when it is with my body E.E. CUMMINGS. Oh wait ... I changed my mind. Twenty Love Songs and a Song of Despair. Pablo Neruda. No, no, no ... I changed my mind. The Bells by Poe. No, no nonononononon ...I changed my mind. Um ....Coolidge's Kubla Khan. Wait, nonononononononononono .... Wasteland. The Love Song of Alfred J. Prufrock by T.S. Eliot.

abdur101: As-Salaamalaikum(Peace be upon you)) Pablo. Out of all the cast on American High, I got the idea that you were the one who contemplated the most about things around you. Do you ever contemplate the beleifs you have, and think of how they might be changing you into a certain kind of person?

Pablo: Malaikumsalaa. Yes. Every moment that you can think about what shapes you, you shape you.

eyeobject: Do you look back on high school with fondness or stress...and will you come back for a reunion?

Pablo: I'll come back for a reunion only IF when I come back, it's not the same. If it does not remain the same. If it changes, then I'll come back. If it feels the same, Highland Park High School has bad karma.

american_high_host: Keep sending in your questions for Pablo from American High on PBS.....

allotownornothing: Who do you think are better friends to you personally, guys or girls?

Pablo: Girls.

american_high_host: Why is that?

Pablo: Because they understand more.

nurf_hurdur: Do you feel your unique talent as a writer was stimulated by your teachers or overlooked?

Pablo: Overlooked by them, except for certain ones.

shoesole86: What are your thoughts about the current boy band / pop music situation?

Pablo: It'll end. They always end. When Menudo grows too old.

shoesole86: what's your favorite quote?

Pablo: "I am become death the destroyer of worlds."

roxym_4080: Did the camera people or producers ever give you advice?

Pablo: Yes. They helped me tremendously.

a2001badboy: Did you get to screen the stuff before it was broadcast? Did you have editing privileges?

Pablo: Some, but I didn't want to exercise them. They gave us control after they shot, but what they shot was so good, why would you want to control that?

tspoon4455: Did the show help you Pablo? I mean show your emotions to others more easily?

Pablo: They wouldn't know me then. So they can't compare me now.

romans16202000: I love the way you talk and spend time with your lil sis. do y'all ever fight??

Pablo: Never. We can't.

loalite: When did you first start writing?

american_high_host: What got you started writing?

Pablo: I couldn't express myself verbally.

shoesole86: What are your opinions of the Real World cast?

Pablo: Which one?

jme232214288: The fifth amendment isn't in the internet constitution! Have you ever smoked pot!

Pablo: Experimentation is a lifelong process. If you're going to do something wrong, do it right. Practice makes perfect.

loalite: What's the most useless class you took in high school and why?

Pablo: APS Freshman Orientation class.

chica_del_padre: do you ever chat on here without having a chat like this set up?

Pablo: Not Yahoo! chatrooms, but I do respond to the message board.

american_high_host: You can check out the American High Web site -- including the message boards -- at! Keep sending in your great questions for Pablo....

Pablo: As a general note to the general population, leave people alone who want to be left alone. Especially if they're on tv. That's in reference to harassment of other kids on the show.

lilchica_012000: after high school i assume life is so much harder and more challenging, how do you deal with all of it?

Pablo: It's not!

LizLu14: Are these chats boring for you?

Pablo: Hell, no!!!!

kornkidgirl_420: I want you so bad your so hot I LOVE YOU!!!!!will you e-mail me at xxxxxx

Pablo: Yeah!

sugar_4all: Have you met anyone famous since the show?

Pablo: Yes.

american_high_host: Who?

Pablo: Ted Skillman, who produced the show, also made one of my favorite movies. He worked on Welcome To The Dollhouse.

shoesole86: If you could be reincarnated as a fruit which fruit would it be?

Pablo: I don't know if I'd so much like to be called a fruit. Some people prefer other things. But if I had to choose, I'd definitely be a passionfruit.

tspoon4455: Pablo, when do you think is the perfect age to settle down and get married?

Pablo: 27.

casketkeys: Are you a Christian

Pablo: I'm Judeo-Christian.

spvolk: do you ever think you are living in the wrong decade?

Pablo: Yes. I should be 3 decades ahead.

tspoon4455: who is Rita Hayworth?

Pablo: Oh my GOD!

puertoricanpoppi187: can you breakdance?

Pablo: I've never tried.

liquidspider1: where do u see yourself in 10 years?

Pablo: In front of a cool, blue water.

shoesole86: If you were to die today where would you go?

Pablo: Most likely to the morgue.

Pablo: But I don't know after that.

nurf_hurdur: Do you support or oppose (or have no opinion on) NAFTA?

Pablo: Damn NAFTA.

nurf_hurdur: Who would win in a fight between The Flash and Aquaman?

Pablo: It's not even a fight, HELLO! Aquaman? He can freeze the Flash!

casketkeys: would you ever apply to be on a future Survivor?

Pablo: Yeah, but I would so vote myself out. Can't stand those people.

roxym_4080: How do you feel about the poetry of William Blake?

Pablo: Eh.

sweetchic2go: why did they pick your school to do the documentary on?

Pablo: We're as close to middle America as they would want to be.

HaRtLeSdRaGoN: How often do you check the message boards?

Pablo: Often enough.

bozena_alphonso: Well, Pablo, I don't love you, but your ideas and convictions inspire me. :)

lilchica_012000: so you gave out email addresses where people can reach you at, but does that mean that you'll write back???

Pablo: Yeah, if I can. And if it's worth it.

honey6537: How would you sum up the American High experience in one word?

Pablo: Awe.

bozena_alphonso: Feels good to be so famous, aye?

Pablo: I guess, aye?

roxym_4080: Do you mean there has been harassment of other kids on the show?

Pablo: Yeah. Minor, but annoying. People trying to find out people's numbers. People trying to find out people's addresses. I don't care, but there are some people who don't appreciate it.

bozena_alphonso: What does being Judeo-Christian mean?

Pablo: I was born Catholic, raised laisse-faire Christian, so I believe Christ is the Messiah, Christ was Jewish, from the house of Judah.

Pablo: Hence, I am Judeo-Christian.

american_high_host: Just about 10 minutes left in our chat with Pablo, from American High on PBS. Keep your questions coming!

krbe3home: did you get to keep the cameras?

Pablo: No. I wish!

eryckah_dawn03: pablo i watched tonights show and i think that u are a great guy because you care so much for your little sis

Pablo: Thank you.

cerbearus: why do u think u are three decades ahead

Pablo: Because I look back on all this and remember the future.

gatrgolf67: Do you like the song "Leaving on A Jet Plane"

Pablo: Never heard of it. Sorry.

gatrgolf67: If you had to marry one of the "Golden Girls" which one would it be?

Pablo: Ooh, ooh, Farrah Fawcett! I don't know. One of the Golden Girls? Ew.

allegro_vivace_doll: i love the poem you wrote on the website

Pablo: Awesome.

gatrgolf67: What's your favorite kind of cheese?

Pablo: Gouda.

lacey_bsb1: who did you get along best with on the show?

Pablo: Kaytee.

lilchica_012000: describe your perfect place where you feel pure bliss and happiness?

Pablo: Nirvana.

bbowers2004: Superman or Spiderman?

Pablo: Superman.

cerbearus: do u support the nra

Pablo: Not really.

cerbearus: do u like quintin tarentino films

Pablo: Yes. Pulp Fiction kicks ass. Reservoir Dogs. Dusk til Dawn. Ok

allegro_vivace_doll: how do you feel about sylvia plath?

Pablo: Sylvia Plath rocks! ROCKS! rocks rocks rocks

RentRules: I really think you are a strong, good ,genuine person and I was wondering what your goals are for the future

Pablo: To keep being a good strong genuine person.

spazzy99_1999: would you date a fan?

Pablo: Yeah ... if she was cute.

bozena_alphonso: How can you have all these answers so quick and ready?

Pablo: 'Cause I THINK.

seanewf: what did the teachers think about the cameras?

dazednconfused285: If you could have one wish, what would it be?

Pablo: Three more wishes? Duh!

gatrgolf67: Hot dogs, Hamburgers, or Veggie Burgers??

Pablo: None. Calamari.

quicksand_01: r u still mad about the Marines??

Pablo: No. Not at all.

nurf_hurdur: Do you believe (to quote the Violent Femmes) that "America is the home of the hipocrit"?

Pablo: The hypocrite takes home in most places. He's just more welcomed in America.

lilchica_012000: do you believ in love at first sight???

Pablo: Yes, but sometimes people are blind.

natezoid: what do you use in your hair?

Pablo: Nothing. Au naturel.

casketkeys: if you had to be stuck on an island with either George Bush Jr. or Ted Kennedy who would you choose?

Pablo: Ted! I'd totally choose Ted! Ted, and three kegs of everything!

smoothie_84: Pablo, do you wish they would have showed any other aspect of your high school life?

Pablo: Yes.

stinky_purple_haze: Do you think being on American High could be a stepping stone to an acting career?

Pablo: I hope not. I don't want to be an actor. But I hope it's a stepping stone to a career I do want.

gatrgolf67: You should totally listen to Leaving On A Jet Plane.

Pablo: Well, when I FIND it!

malcolmdunforth: Do you have any advice for someone who is struggling to be a better writer, but was not given the opportunity to develope any skills until late in his teenage years?

Pablo: Read. Read, read, read, read, read until you're so exhausted you have to write.

sweetheartmarisa: What is your favorite possesion

Pablo: My grandfather's wedding band.

american_high_host: On that note....I think we'll wrap up. Thanks so much for joining us tonight, Pablo!

Pablo: My final words upon this resting place is that you may read and remember. I just want to be prophetic.

american_high_host: Thanks Pablo! How appropriate to end on such a poetic note. :) Everyone, don't forget to join us again next week for the FINAL American High chat! Our guests will be producer R.J. Cutler and -- back by popular demand -- Morgan! So tune in next Wednesday at 10 pm E.T. (check local listings at for the FINAL episode, and then log on at 11 p.m. ET to chat with R.J. and Morgan. In the meantime.......check out the American High Web site at Make a face in the interactive yearbook, speak up on the message boards, take quizzes, explore photo galleries, and more! See you next week.