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making music with Kaytee

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Q: Do you write everyday? Any particular regular time, morning, night--or do you jot notes whenever they occur to you?

A: I write when it hits me...usually my writing time comes in spurts. As far as I know so far, in the short time I've been writing (a few years), my music comes in a certain cycle. I do a slew of writing and creating, then sharing and performing, then comes a block. The 1st and 2nd parts are my favorite, the 3rd part mostly painful and not so good. My songs usually come from somewhere I'm not quite sure how to find yet...but usually I'm singin' 'em before they're even written - but I gotta get them down on paper fast or else they go away. Anyway, the way I write songs is pretty Tao, if you ask me- a philosophy of having not to want it too much, but let it come naturally and not force it.

Q: How many songs have you created?

A: This is a complete guess...maybe 35-40. That includes everything I wrote (including crap) since I began sharing my music with people. It doesn't include stuff I wrote and then after a short time threw out.

Q: Which comes first,

A: Usually starts with a couple lines, a catch, something that I walk around singing spontaneously 'til I can find a guitar and get it down. But, in the case of Adam So Far, it was an old song that I never really dug the words to, but I liked the chord changes and the mellowness of it. But I couldn't get the lyrics right. In that sense, Adam So Far was written more uniquely than how I usually write, when everything sort of fits together to begin with.

Q: How long does it take to put a song together?

A: The most time I'll spend on a song is a couple days. After that it tends to get stale. Adam So Far probably took me about half an hour.

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