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Question #1
You're taking a Chemistry class that you really want to get an A in. Despite all your studying, you find out that you got a C- on the last test-- one of the two tests that will count most toward your final grade. What do you do?

a. What can you do, the test already happened? You'll do better next time.


b. Tell yourself it really doesn't matter how well you do with Periodic Tables and Bunsen burners.... after all, you're getting A's in French and American History.


c. Sketch out a Chemistry calendar for the rest of the semester. Outline your plan for studying, including who you might ask for help and how you're going to tackle the stuff you find particularly incomprehensible. Figure out how you can realistically follow through on your plans.


d. Go to the instructor. Be extra pitiful or polite and try to talk your way into getting a better grade.