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America Rebuilds II: Return to Ground Zero
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Rosaleen Tallon
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Rosaleen Tallon

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Rosaleen Tallon
touring the site with concerned 9/11 families

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Rosaleen Tallon

Profile of Rosaleen Tallon

Rosaleen Tallon's 26-year-old brother, Sean, was killed when the north tower collapsed on September 11. He was a probationary firefighter with Ladder Company 10, just a few weeks away from the end of his training. His fire station was among the first to respond to the trade center attack.

Rosaleen Tallon is one of the founding members of Put It Above Ground, an organization seeking to create an above ground memorial with street-level placement of the names of those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001, and February 26, 1993. She said that "Reflecting Absence," Michael Arad's design for the Ground Zero memorial, is dangerous — potentially trapping people in another attack — and disgraces the memory of the people who died. She would prefer to have the names of victims at street level so that they can be remembered proudly in the light of day. To raise awareness about the memorial's underground features, Tallon has led rallies and held a vigil for 17 nights, sleeping outside her brother's firehouse near Ground Zero.

People say, 'Why don't they just move on? People have died before. They should just accept it and move on.' I feel a duty to my country that my brother left me with, and that's a duty to my children, too....that we remember it properly. I was just taking care of my two kids and going about my daily life, but that wasn't meant to be. — Rosaleen Tallon

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