America Responds
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Classroom Resources

Recommended Resources

Explore these helpful resources for educators available at other sites online:

New York Times Learning Network
Another Day That Will Live in Infamy
Help students explore their feelings and the learn the facts about the terrorist attacks.

Southern Poverty Law Center: Teaching Tolerance
Teaching Tolerance is a national education project dedicated to helping teachers foster equity, respect, and understanding in the classroom and beyond. The site includes activities, articles, fact sheets for students, and more.

PBS In The Mix: Healing... Together
Find advice about how to reach out to teens in times of crisis, discussion areas, articles, and more.

United Nations CyberSchoolBus
Access curriculum on a variety of international issues, multimedia galleries, facts and statistics, quizzes and games, and information about international days of commemoration.

Online NewsHour
Extra: A NewsHour With Jim Lehrer Special For Students
The site offers a feature articles written especially for students, related links, and a moderated community forum where students can discuss their feelings and opinions.

Constitutional Rights Foundation
CRF provides technical assistance and training to teachers, coordinates civic participation projects in schools and communities, organizes student conferences and competitions, and develops publications about legal issues and civic involvement.
This site offers a library of news coverage about worldwide disaster aid. You'll find a forum, information on getting and giving help (including links and descriptions for major relief organizations), and information on preparedness.

Federal Emergency Management Agency
The site includes a special section for kids, with information about helping other kids who are disaster victims, securing disaster areas, and talking about feelings related to disasters. The main FEMA site includes agency updates, resources for victims, maps, and more.

The American Red Cross
The site offers information about blood donation, updates on Red Cross efforts to aid disaster victims, and counseling resources for the public.

National Institutes of Mental Health: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Get resources about helping children and adolescents cope with violent events--fact sheets, information about PTS for adults, and more.

Media Awareness Network: Media Literacy Activities
Access activity ideas to help your students be thoughtful consumers of media coverage surrounding the terrorist attacks.

CNN: Looking To Law Enforcement
Use these questions and activity to help students realize the efforts of international and domestic agencies to respond, as well as those of law enforcement to find those responsible for these acts of terrorism.

PBS Primetime Coverage
PBS provided nightly coverage and analysis of the terrorist attacks on the United States with "America Responds."

Key PBS Resources:

Online NewsHour
Ongoing coverage and analysis.

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
Helping children cope.