It feels like everything has changed, hasn't it? Nothing will be the same: our present and our future, our lives and our memories, our view of our country and our world. History has been altered in ways we can't even imagine right now. Yet, everyone's saying we have to get back to normal and that life has to go on. It's a major contradiction.

Whether you have lost a loved one in the recent terrorist attacks, or know someone who has, or simply mourn for all those innocent lives, it's important to keep your mind and heart open. Share your feelings, because nobody is alone in what they're going through. Find someone to talk to: a family member, a friend, a teacher or school counselor.

We have gathered some resources that may help young people in the aftermath of what's happened.

To Read:

To Watch:

Express Yourself:

  • How To Start A Journal
  • Contribute to the In the Mix Remembrance Board.
    What are you feeling today? How do you think this will change your life? What would you like to tell the families of victims? The rescue workers? The President? Speak out! Send us photos, poems, and artwork, too. We will post your contributions on a special web page. Be sure to include your first name, age, and where you're from.

Get Help:

  • Covenant House "9-line"
    1-800-999-9999 (24 Hours/7 Days A Week)

  • Crisislink
    1-800-SUICIDE (24 Hours/7 Days A Week)

  • Regent Hospital
    1-800-LIFENET (24 Hours/7 Days A Week)

  • National Mental Health Association
    1-800-969-NMHA (24 Hours/7 Days A Week)

  • National Institute of Mental Health

Give Help: