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Susan Zimmerman of Corrales, NM
I'm not afraid of dying, I'm afraid of living with hate. Hate pervading "us" and "them". The slow insidious poinsoning hate that turns neighbors into enemies--that causes us to forget that we are one. Our similiarities are so much greater than our differences. Prayer, care, keeping centered through yoga practice, gratitude for family, that's how I cope. Peace is attained one person, one heart at a time. We are responsible for keeping ourselves healthy and then reaching out to others.
God bless us all, not just America.

Cody of UT
I thank you for helping others.
I think you had a lot of courage.
I think that your a helping person.
I think you would be a good example.
I'm sorry for what happend I thought you were brave.

Boston, MA
I am grieving like the rest of the nation - and world. I share this quote, I am not sure what context it was said, but it seems appropriate.

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren and to do good is my religion. Thomas Paine

Betsy of Kettering, OH
This is the most catastrophic tragedy I've ever seen. My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families.

However, I am sad and ashamed that some "Americans" feel terrorizing those that are "different" think that makes them Americans. These people did the same as our ancestors -- they left their own countries to find a better life. Everyone that makes up our country came from somewhere else and that's the legacy of America! It's time to come together! Stop being intolerant and accept your neighbors for who they are, not where they came from! They live here because they chose to -- just like your ancestors did! Terrorizing someone who is different makes you no better than the people who did this!

Many, many people died last week. They were of many national descents, any country you name. How can anyone choose to attack fellow Americans based on their ancestory?

Yes - we need to catch who did this and end terrorism in the World.
Yes - we are scared.
No - chances are, our neighbors WILL NOT hurt us.
And, no - we should NOT hurt them!

It's a time for peace and tolerance in our country! We can stand united or we can divide and fall. I don't think we want to fall!
God Bless America!

Alison Sappingfield of Denison, IA
I'm not sure how to start. I am still numb to what has happened to "us". I shed tears every day, now for a week. Sunday was my "big let down". Our church service was very moving. And how I needed to cry. I think I was watching too much TV and listening to the radio in the car and at work. I am so angry now that I cannot think of anything else but torturing these animals.
I have a few poetry books and want to share this poem of John Greenleaf Whittier (1857).

The Angel of Patience
To weary hearts, to mourning homes,
God's meekest Angel gently comes:
No power has he to banish pain,
Or give us back our lost again;
And yet in tenderest love, our dear
And Heavenly Father sends him here.
There's quiet in that Angel's glance,
There's rest in his still countenance!
He mocks no grief with idle cheer,
Nor wounds with words the mourner's ear;
But ills and woes he may not cure
He kindly trains us to endure.
Angel of Patience! sent to calm
Our feverish brows with cooling palm;
To lay the storms of hope and fear,
And reconcile life's smile and tear;
The trobs of wounded pride to still,
And make our own our Father's will!
O thou who mournest on thy way,
With longings for the close of day;
He walks with thee, that Angel kind,
And gently whispers, "Be resigned:
Bear up, bear on, the end shall tell
The dear Lord ordereth all things well!"

Chris of Stratford, CT
The world changed forever on September 11th, 2001. Evil stared us in the face on that day, and it was a scary sight. The things I used to think were important seem so trivial now. My perspective on life is totally different now.

The one thing that stands out in my mind is in relation to the heroic efforts put forth by the firemen and policemen as well as the passengers aboard the flight which crashed in Pennsylvania. That is those heroes went to such great lengths to saves lives, while on the other hand the terrorists went to such great lengths to destroy them.

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