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Diana of La Mesa, CA
After my silence and inability to focus, I am coming out with a strong desire to make my home a home. For myself, my family and others. Baking a cake, coffee doors. For prayer and talking.

I am 58 and unable to do anything in a big way, so I felt it was important to create a safe harbor for whomever is brought across my life path. I feel strongly my sense of history and years of living will be valuable as younger people try to cope with this coming war.

I also realize we are all in for the long haul; so to be balanced and centered is one of the single most important things I can do. I am afraid and a knot resides in my stomach. But my parents lived through WWII and now I am called to this.

I love my country so dearly; warts and all.

Lacy of OH
I am 15 and I live close to one of the biggest Air force bases in the US. Frankly I am terrified! I don't know what to think. I don't have family that lives in New York or Washington, but I have friends that do. I remember walking out of Biology at 10am and having one of the students rumnning in and saying that the trade centers were hit. I thought that he was lying because he normaly does, but I saw it happen on the news. I walked into Spanish and saw my friend crying and she said that they couldn't find her aunt. That was scary! I didnt know what to think! It has been almost week and it still hasnt set in yet. It is like its just a horrible nightmare that I have yet to wake up from!

Christine Hildebrand of Davis, CA
Initially the events of Tuesday just left us all numb and unable to act. But then the community held church services and candle light vigils, blood drives and flags appeared everywhere. On Saturdays we have a very popular farmers market that was packed with shoppers and on our way home we noticed in front of the fire station a group of kids had set up a lemonaid stand to earn money for the NY firefighters.We, like many others as I found out latter, stopped and made a donation and as I handed these kids my money I couldn't hold back the tears. I guess I finally cried for the enormaty of this horrible event but also for the wonderful spirit of these young Americans who just wanted to do something for those in need. They collected $1500 on Saturday!

Hamid Farzaneh of Palo Alto, CA
I'm a Muslim by birth and a US citizen by choice. My heart and thoughts are with the victims of this horrible tragedy and with their families. I choose to become American because every fiber in my body believe in, and is committed to, our shared ideals of democracy, freedom and justice (that, so sadly, still don't exist in my original country of birth). I'm revolted by these acts of barbary and I'm fully supportive of bringing to justice the criminals who directed this horror. I'm however deeply disturbed by some of the symbolism used by our government. President Bush calls our fight a Crusade. Crusades were wars waged by European Christians against Muslims to "free" the Holly Sites. If Mr. Bush makes our struggle a "war of religion" of Christians against Muslims, where does that place me and my family? Does this make us second rate Americans? Does this mean that we'll be tolerated but not trusted to defend our country, the United States of America?

Jean M Sax of Columbia, MO
I wrote this poem to reflect how I and family friends and co-workers are feeling, here in mid Missouri. In Mourning

In mourning I woke
All seemed the same and not
Nothing seemed broke
All seemed the same and not
The air was fresh and the sky clear
All seemed the same and not
I looked at everything near and dear
All seemed the same and not
Yesterday a tragedy so emcompassing
Yet, all seemed the same and not
I held my lover near
All seemed the same and not
The day began and I went to work
All seemed the same and not
My friends and I did our work
All seemed the same and not
The day flowed and ended
All seemed the same and not
My heart was heavy and sad
All seemed the same and not
I could not see the unsame
All seemed the same and not
I felt a difference that has no name
Yet, all seemed the same and not
I struggled to name the unsame
All seemed the same and not
I feared things will never be the same
All seemed the same and not

Lukas R of Albstadt, Germany
You should build up a new big WTC, bigger than the old one and show the terorrists that nothing can destroy a democracy.

Eileen Hackett of Hamden, CT
I was vacationing in Toronto, Ontario when the attacks came. I was in a small shop when I saw the story on the shopkeeper's small TV. I broke out in a cold sweat and my stomach knotted up. I felt the U.S. was coming to an end, being destroyed. I left the shop in a daze, not knowing what to do.

I went back to my room and called my family in Connecticut. I knew they were OK, I just needed to make contact. I was supposed to fly home Thurs. As time went on, this seemed less likely to happen. I got a train reservation for Sun., the earliest one they had. My B&B hostess suggested the bus, because she hinted, "Americans don't like the bus". She was right. I dashed through the dark streets of Toronto at 5 am the next morning to the bus station. I was in Conn. by 7 pm that day (Fri.).

I was deeply moved by the outpouring of compassion from the Canadian people. I was guaranteed a place to stay for as long as necessary. People offered me their condolences as if I had lost a loved one.

Canadians are grieving over the tremendous loss of life after last week's terrorist attacks on the United States. In's discussion forums Canadians are sending their condolences to the families, friends and co-workers of those who perished. They also wish to express their grief over the loss of innocence brought on by these events. We live in a different world now. Know that Americans are not alone in their mourning.

Pam Henry of Lancaster, TX
They have taken the tears from our heart, the fear in our souls, and the innocence of our children...But we must not let them take our human spirit, our bravery as Americans or our freedom that we have fought so hard to keep.

"To the world you are just one person ..but to just one person you could be the world.." Help someone today. Pray for those in need and keep your loved ones close to your heart. We are all in this together as we put our differences aside...United we stand.

God bless America..from me and my two children, to you and your family.

Heather Hancock of West Jordan, UT
The next morning after the horrific events in our country I was driving to work & listening to the radio. The morning show people were talking about how so many people had been calling or e-mailing their reactions since the events first took place & the majority of these were teens. They said that most teens had either had friends or had overheard other students in the halls who were laughing over what had happened. The morning show people then remarked on how they wanted to know what caused this reaction. Are teenagers this uncompassionate? Don't they get it?

I am a High School teacher so that day I told my students about what I had heard on the radio & I asked them what they thought was/were the reason/s behind this reaction. And I was amazed by their remarks. They were as outraged as I was, but they had insight that I never dreamed that they would have. They explained how some kids might not have really understood what had really happened. The footage of the airplane flying into the building looks like it should be in a movie. It was unreal to many of them. They said that some kids may have done it because it was the only way that they could cope with the fear & horror of the situation. We went on to talk about what they thought the future would be. And these kids are really scared.

If you have seen a teenager reacting in an inappropriate manner I would encourage you to talk to them. You may find out how confused & terrified they really are.

Susan Snow Voidets of Lyons, NY
Sadness and defiance are the feelings of the day after September 11,2001 and there’s no pill to make things better. The aftershocks are much like a giant earthquake except along with the human life loss there is the threaten to our freedom and our life styles, that we as Americans and our close friends the Canadians, are not used to. We now know the threat to our travelling along freely via air or auto. The rest of the world sees bombs and army troupes and lives with the present caution of going to their choice of church or part of a town, as we have never felt. Things are now changed for all of us. Will it ever be the same again? I doubt it.

The morning of the terrorists taking down the twin towers in Manhattan, the Pentagon and crashing in Somerset was a surreal movie. Where were the heroes and who was the bad guy; can we pause it for a popcorn and beer break? Watching the great landmarks that three weeks before my friends and family stood under in awe crumble to the ground and the poor desperate people plunging to their death was a great, heavy sadness that no words can express. The unbelievable scenes of the plane, crashing head on into the building was most unbelievable. The thoughts of the poor crew and passengers in all the planes can not be imagined because I know when I fly and hear just the slightest whirring of engines or bump of the wheels going up makes my stomach jump and they must have been so very afraid. My heart goes out to them and I wish, as do many, many people that we could turn the channel… but we can’t. The bad guy tuned it into his station and ruined our lives forever.

Brenda Hart of Linden , MI
It's hard to describe the feeling of disbelief of what has taken place in our country this past week. I look around our little town and I wonder if any of us here will ever be the same. The great devastation that took place is nothing like I have experienced in my 44 year's.

I look at my little girl and worry that she will never feel completly safe again. Every day she ask's are we going to be ok momma. I worry that my 20 year old son will be called off to fight a war that he might not return from, and how will it change him if he did have to go to war,and my teenage daughter of seventeen how her world is suddenly not the same as it was last week. She is now faced with uncertainty of what her future will be.

There was such mass destrution in such a short period of time,that it was hard to absorb what was taking place; as my little girl said that day she felt like she was in a nightmare that she couldn't wake up from. My heart go out to all the faimlies who were torn apart and the people of New York.

Sara Vasquez of San Benito, TX
America, our mother land and the whole country is shedding tears, but together we will be strong and put aside our fears. The whole world has become affected in some way or another,but we can overcome if we all stand together. The enemy has tried to bring down what we stand for,our justice and our freedom, and they will see that they will never succeed. America stands proud and we will always lead.

God bless America, the thousands of people who lost thier lives and the thousands who mourn, but most of all, God bless the spirit of Americas people.

Curtis of Cumming, GA
We have spent time discussing all the news and opinions that we have heard over the last several days. After listening to one of your shows, my youngest son made a very important conclusion. He said, "No wonder they hate us. Look at all that we have done." I think in this country, we need to stop and think. This was not just an act against the US--but an act against mankind. The possibility of us going in and killing other innocent people is just as awful. Our leaders need to stop and think. We should not act like school children who feel that their hitting another child can be justified by the fact that the other child did something to them. Yes, whoever is responsible for this act should be punished. But not innocent people.

Joyce Steiner of Westons Mills, NY
My son is Asst. Director of Housing & Residence Life at New York University. His office is located on Washington Square West. I know that after talking with him he will never be the same. He could see the people jumping from the WTC and then the horrific collapse of both the towers.

A friend of his worked at the WTC and escaped only to see a man and child behind him crushed to death by falling debris. These images will forever be burned into their minds.

I have been to the city several times because my sister also lives and works in Manhattan - until a year ago she worked at the World Financial Center and would have been just arriving at the WTC to go up to the cross-over to the WFC. Thank GOD she accepted the new position last year.

Both my son & my sister have described to me the pulling together and the generosity of their friends and neighbors. We all need to stand together and do what is necessary and right to help those who lost so much and to bring to justice those who hold NO regard for innocent human life.

Thank you for this opportunity to express my feelings. What has happened is beyond any comprehension or reason.

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