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The AMPU project is seeking partners in communities throughout the United States who want to help organize and carry out community-based conversations about cultural identity and the challenges of pluralism.

A More Perfect Union materials provide community groups with a focal point for organizing local discussions and other activities that bring together diverse community members who otherwise have few opportunities to get to know each other -- people from all walks of life and economic strata, of all cultural backgrounds, interests, and ages. A More Perfect Union activities can help build bridges across the barriers that keep different community groups apart.

Get Involved!

The national broadcast of Talk To Me provides a great opportunity to get people talking about cultural diversity. Alert your own networks, and encourage them to tune in.

Contact your local PBS station, and make sure they're planning to broadcast the program locally. Encourage them to help you undertake related activities, perhaps scheduling re-broadcasts locally to coincide with events you plan later in the year.

Contact the following for additional help in organizing community programs:

For further information, contact AMPU project sponsor Arcadia Pictures at 157 West 79th Street, New York, NY 10024, phone or fax 212/580-1853, or send e-mail to arcady@delphi.com.

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