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Nathan Glazer(b.1924), City College '44; University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University (Ph. D. in sociology), professor emeritus, Graduate School of Education, Harvard University, co-editor The Public Interest. a leading authority on issues of race, immigration, urban development and social policy in the United states. Books include We are all Multiculturalists Now, Beyond The Melting Pot and The Lonely Crowd (with David Riesman).

Former assistant editor Commentary magazine; past professor of sociology at the University of California at Berkeley. He has held Guggenheim Fellowships and Fulbright grants, been granted honorary degrees by a number of colleges and universities, and has served on Presidential task forces on education and urban policy and the National Academy of Science’s committees on urban policy and minority issues. He is a contributing editor of The New Republic. A highly influential sociologist and educator, Glazer defers specific political labels.

QUOTE: "I feel when I read something [by the others] I’m reading something that counts more than when I read other things… in part because I know them, I know where they’re coming from, I know where they’re going to , I respect them – all those things are part of it. But … I suppose the answer is – the assumption is – the involvement is a passionate one."

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