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Marxian Socialism in the United States (1952; paperback ed. with a new foreword, 1967)

The New American Right (Editor and Contributor)., 1955

Work and its Discontents, 1956

The Radical Right (Editor and Contributor), 1955

The End of Ideolgy (1960); paperback edition with a new afterword, Harvard University Press, 1988

The Reforming of General Education (1965) (Paperback edition, new foreword, 1967)

Towards the Year 2000 (Editor and Contributor), 1967

Confrontation: The Universities (Editor, with Irving Kristol), 1969

Capitalism Today (Editor, with Irving Kristol) (1971)

The Coming of Post-Industrial Society (1973) (Paperback edition, new foreword, 1977)

The Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism (1976) (Paperback edition, with a new foreword, 1978)

The Winding Passage: Essays and Sociological Journeys, 1960-1980 (1980) (Paperback edition, 1981)

The Crisis in Economic Theory (Editor, with Irving Kristol), 1981

The Social Sciences Since World War II (1981)

The Deficits: How Big? How Dangerous? (with Lester Thurow), 1985

The Information Society, (in Japanese and Korean), 1988, 1990




The Lonely Crowd, with David Riesman & Reuel Denney (Yale University Press, 1950).

Faces in the Crowd, with David Riesman (Yale University Press, 1952).

American Jndaism (University of Chicago Press, 1957; revised 1972).

Studies in Housing and Minority Groups, co-editor, with Davis McEntire (University of California Press, 1960y.

The Social Basis of American Communism

(Harcourt, Brace & World, 1961).

Beyond the Melting Pot, with Daniel P. Moynihan (MIT Press, 1963; Second EdItion, 1970).

Remembering the Answers: Essays on the American Student Revolt

(Basic Books, 1970).

Ethnicity: Theory and Experience, co-editor, with Daniel P. Moynihan (Harvard University Press, 1975).

Affirmative Discrimination: Ethnic Inequality and Public Policy (Basic Books, 1975, 1978; Harvard University Press, 1987).

The Urban Predicament, co-editor, with William Gorham (The Urban Institute, 1976).

Ethnic Pluralism and Public Policy, co-editor, with Ken Young (London, Heinemann Educational Books; Lexington, MA, D.C. Heath/Lexington Hooks, 1983).

Ethnic Dilemmas. 1964-1982 (Harvard University Press, 1983).

Clamor at the Gates: The New American Immigration (ed.) (Institute for Contemporary Studies, 1985).

The Public Face of Architecture, co-editor, with Mark Lilla (The Free Press, 1987).

The Limits of Social Policy (Harvard University Press, 1988).

Conflicting Images: India and the United States, co-editor, with Sulochana Raghavan Glazer (The Riverdale Co., Publishers, 1990).





Selected Writings, 1950-1990

The American Newness

Socialism in America

A Margin of Hope Celebrations and Attacks

Leon Trotsky

World of Our Fathers (with the assistance of Kenneth Libo)

The Critical Point

Decline of the New

Steady Work: Essays in the Politics of Democratic Radicalism, 1953-1966

Thomas Hardy: A Critical Study

A World More Attractive

The American Communist Party A Critical History (with Lewis Coser)

Politics and the Novel

William Faulkner: A Critical Study

Sherwood Anderson: A Critical Biography

The U.A.W. and Walter Reuther (with B. J. Widick)




The Penguin Book of Modern Yiddish Verse (with Ruth R. Wisse and Khone


Short Shorts: An Anthology of the Shortest Stories (with Ilana Wiener Howe)

How We Lived (with Kenneth Libo)

The World of the Blue-Collar Worker

Essential Works of Socialism

The Seventies: Problems & Proposals (with Michael Harrington)

Jewish American Stories Voices from the Yiddish (with Eliezer Greenberg)

A Treasury of Yiddish Poetry -(with Eliezer Greenberg)

Idea of the Modern

The Basic Writings of Trotsky

The Radical Imagination

Edith Wharton: A Critical Collection

The Radical Papers

A Treasury of Yiddish Stories -(with Eliezer Greenberg)





On the Democratic Idea in America. 1972

Two Cheers for Capitalism. 1978

Reflections of a Neoconservative. 1983

Neoconservatism: The Autobiography of an Idea. 1995


Co-Editor with Daniel Bell:

Confrontation: The Student Rebellion and the University 1969

Capitalism Today. 1971

The Crisis in Economic Theory. 1981

Co-Editor with Nathan Glazer:

The American Commonwealth.1976.

Co-Editor with Paul Weaver:

The Americans: 1976. 1976.


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