Artful Deceptions

Bob Costas discusses steroids in Baseball.

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"Some people try to glibly minimize the impact of steroids by saying, 'aw, y'know, guys used to do amphetamines, maybe some still do, whatever.' This is like comparing a conventional weapon to a nuclear bomb. Did guys always search for an edge? Yes. Did they get it with greenies? Did they get it by stealing signs? Did some guys get it by scuffing a ball or throwing a spitball or corking a bat? Yes. All minimal stuff compared to the effects of steroids. What amphetamines by and large did, just as one example, was allow people to do what they could do at their best in a day game following a night game in August.[Steroids] didn't give guys a boost or an edge. They transformed them. To equate steroids to other forms of cheating and edges around the margins in baseball history is just stupid."