It's Over There, Commissioner

Selena Roberts talks about sportswriters rationalizing away the home runs

47 seconds

"When you kept seeing shortstops and utility infielders start jacking 40, 30, you know, 35, 45, 55 home runs and I think I was like a lot of people, the ball must be juiced, even though I have no idea how you actually juice a ball and what would make it take off. And then you say, well maybe because the ballparks are smaller. Instead of sitting back and looking at the bodies changing. And I think if there are a lot of regrets by sportswriters it would be not thinking about what they were really seeing, and inside thinking that guy's just bigger. How did he get that way? How come his biceps are bulging when they never bulged before? So I think it was easy to sort of rationalize it away in those first years of watching the ball explode out of the ballpark."