I Can't Say, ‘Don't Do It'

Howard Bryant discusses the competitive environment of baseball

54 seconds

"It's always been an age old question about how much the player how much responsibility the player has; if kids are going to wear jerseys with the ball player's name on it, then there is some sort of responsibility there. That kids are looking at you in a way that they don't look at other famous people. Parents are looking at you in a way that they aren't looking at other famous people. And, and that connection is the heart of the sport. And most players don't want to face that because it conflicts with the reality of their business. They are in a competitive environment and that competitive environment, no one's giving you any gold stars for virtuosity. Your job is to perform and when you perform that's how you survive. It's a business; it's an economic situation; it is all about surviving as a player. And there's really no getting around that."