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Baseball - The Tenth Inning


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September 29, 2010 iconSporting News: Ken Burns updates 'Baseball' film

Ken Burns always told himself that he’d never film a sequel to his nine-“inning” documentary “Baseball,” but where would the game be without extra innings? “Baseball: The Tenth Inning” is Burns’ sequel to his 1994 series, which is considered the definitive history of baseball. The four-hour film, which aired on PBS Tuesday night and continues tonight, examines the period from 1992 to the present. Very few people know more about the game than Burns, who spoke recently about the ’94 ...

September 28, 2010 iconWashington Post- Tom Shales on Ken Burns' Tenth Inning

Is baseball all we are as a people and all we ever will be? Olbermann says he takes edification from knowing that the game he sits down to watch today is the same one he would have seen in 1860 (albeit with more pyrotechnics and fancier scoreboards). Contemplating the sad trajectory taken by Bonds, writer Marcus Breton says, "I think we got to know him too well." And comedian Chris Rock asks rhetorically, when the subject turns to chemical performance-enhancers, ...

September 28, 2010 iconSports Illustrated: The Tenth Inning reflects era of change in baseball

As film subjects under the deft treatment of Ken Burns and Lynn Novick, the Civil War, World War II and our national parks are entombed enough in history to be impervious to time and the need for re-examination. Yet no sooner had Burns and Novick, the storytellers of Florentine Films, wrapped their weaving of words and images about baseball than baseball began calling them back.

September 28, 2010 iconBoston Globe: Burns takes to the diamond again

‘10th Inning’ brings game into modern times

September 28, 2010 iconCharlotte Observer: Ken Burns scores another hit with 'Tenth Inning'

Two-part baseball documentary looks at the steroid era.

September 28, 2010 iconUSA Today: Critic's Corner Tuesday: Ken Burns

Play ball again. Baseball fans and PBS supporters can both rejoice, as Ken Burns and his co-director Lynn Novick revisit a favorite topic with The Tenth Inning (* * * * out of four, PBS, tonight, 8 ET/PT). For two nights and four fabulous hours, this sequel to 1994's Baseball, still PBS' most-watched program, reminds us why baseball retains its hold on our imagination, and why Burns and Novick remain TV's pre-eminent popular historians.

September 28, 2010 iconTime: Ken Burns on 'Tenth Inning'

Q&A Ken Burns and Lynn Novick

September 28, 2010 iconMSNBC: Countdown with Keith Olbermann

Ken Burns talks with Keith Olbermann about 'The Tenth Inning.'

September 28, 2010 iconThe Baltimore Sun: Ken Burns, Cal Ripken: An Extra Inning win on PBS

One of the marks of an artist is his or her ability to take something that we think we know inside and out and then show it to us in such a way that we see it in a totally different light. The great artists also often evoke a deep emotional response in that process.

September 28, 2010 iconNPR: Ken Burns: On 'The Tenth Inning,' Bad Deals, And The Fragility Of Happiness

Ken Burns is perfectly happy to talk about making documentaries about baseball — a pursuit he's returned to, 18 years after his very successful Baseball series, to present the sequel The Tenth Inning, which airs tonight and tomorrow night on most PBS outlets. The Tenth Inning covers a few major topics, including steroids, the home run race, the strike, and the general matter of Barry Bonds.

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