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a brief history
the siege at khe sahn

Khe Sanh was one of the most remote outposts in Vietnam, but by January 1968, even President Lyndon Johnson had taken a personal interest in the base. With Khe Sanh facing a full-scale siege by the North Vietnamese Army, the question was being asked: Should the base be held, or should it be quietly abandoned?

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Along with the President, American military officials decided to try and hold the base. On the morning of January 21, 1968, NVA forces launched the awaited attack, and the siege of Khe Sanh had begun.

What was it like to be at Khe Sanh? In this multimedia retrospective, you can learn about the history of the battle, study tactical maps, view archival images, and read the stirring reflections of American soldiers who survived in the siege.

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