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A Dream Deferred
Essay by Ellis Cose
Sometimes history serves as a magnifying mirror - making momentous what actually was not. But Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas, is the real thing: a Supreme Court decision that fundamentally and forever changed America. It jump-started the modern civil-rights movement and excised a cancer eating a hole in the heart of the Constitution. So why is the celebration of its 50th anniversary so bittersweet? Why, as we raise our glasses, are there tears in our eyes? The answer is simple: Brown, for all its glory, is something of a bust.
To read more, download the full Ellis Cose essay here (pdf).

The Warren and Rehnquist Courts and the Struggle for Civil Rights
Essay by Herman Schwartz, Professor of Law
It is difficult for most people today to realize how brutal America was to its Black citizens for throughout of our history. In the South, lynching, intimidation, economic exploitation, social humiliation and virtually complete segregation dominated the region; few Blacks dared to vote. In the North, where Blacks could vote, discrimination and segregation were also the norm.
To read more, download the full Herman Schwartz essay here (pdf).

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