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Film Credits

Producer, Writer and Director:
Noel Schwerin

Andre Braugher

Josh Peterson

Associate Producers:
Nick Hoff
Gabriela Quirós

Robert Elfstrom
Mark Rublee

Original Music:
Todd Boekelheide

Additional Editing:
Jennifer Chinlund
Ken Schneider

Additional Camera:
Rick Malkames
Jeff Saunders

Rick Albright
Craig Alreck
John Cameron
Ray Day
Doug Dunderdale
Dennis Fry
Alex Klymko
Richard Pooler
Paul Rusnak

Titles and Graphic Design:
NOON/Design at Noon

Post Production at Varitel:
Bob Campbell, Colorist
Loren Sorensen, On-line Editor

Sound Mix:
Will Harvey

Assistant Editors:
Nick Hoff
Kevin Abrams
Gabriela Quirós

Joshua Hughes
Alicia Low
Will Miller
Nicola Miner

Andrew Hoff
Svetlana Didorenko

Backbone Media Board of Directors:
David Ackerly
Laura DeBonis
David Harwood
Kate Loewald

Board of Advisors:
Margaret Berger
Joe S. Cecil
Carl Cranor
Sheila Jasanoff
Donald Kennedy
Gilbert Omenn
Deborah Runkle
Paul Slovic

For Oregon Public Broadcasting:
John Lindsay, Senior Vice President
Paula Mason, Director of Distribution
John Booth, Senior Director
Selena Lauterer, Public Relations Manager
Cheri Arbini, Production Manager
Howard Beckerman, Post Production

Special thanks to:
American Society for Cell Biology
Asa and Daniel Ackerly
Frances and William Ackerly
Ron Adams
Dennis Ashbaugh
John Borruso
Bugbee's Restaurant
Steve Burns
Dave Carfield
Ananda Chakrabarty
Chicago-Kent College of Law
Joe Conaghan
Hans Danuser
Ed Thomas YMCA
Equal Employment Opportunity
The Feuerman Family
Rachel Fink
Folger, Levin, and Kahn
Sandra Forman
Steve Gelinske
Carolyn Givens
Harlan County Health System
The Hastings Center
Highland Park Retirement Community
Frances Reid and Deborah Hoffmann
Julia Friedman Gallery
Eduardo Kac
Bill Kenney
Lamoreaux Justice Center
Angela Lifsey
Steve Miller
Thomas Murray
New York Medical College
Pacific Fertility Center
Ann Poznanski
Wendy Reiner
Jan Setchko
William Smock
Eva Sutton
Society for Developmental Biology
U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
University of California, San Francisco
University of Illinois, Chicago
Van Deusen, Youmans, and Walmsley
Judith M. Venuti
Alexandria Younossi

A very special thanks to everyone who appears in BLOODLINES.

Web Site Credits

Executive Producer:
Noel Schwerin

Wendy Owen

Noel Schwerin

Nadav Savio, Wendy Owen
Giant Ant Design

Research & Additional Writing/Editing:
Nick Hoff
Minnie McBride
Catherine Covell

Web Developer:
Aaron Meyers

Additional Design and Development:
Tim McCoy

Video Production:
Kevin Hunsaker

April Alex
Laurie Koh
Alex Lerner
David Merson-Hess

Academic Reviewers:
David Ackerly
Nanette Elster
Bonnie LeRoy
Mark Rothstein

Eliza Jewett

Graphic Design for Overall Concept
and Identity Design:
NOON/Design at Noon

Special thanks to:
Louis Barbash
Bay Area Video Coalition
Alissa Johnson
Karen Watson

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Corporation for Public Broadcasting