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Your Comments

This week, we put a selection of your questions to Celia Sandys, granddaughter
of Churchill. Please see the 'Links' page
for details of her book.

I'm curious about the young Churchill. I heard that he said that his greatest accomplishment was to convince his wife to marry him. At what age did he marry? What drew him to his wife?

Churchill married Clementine when he was 34. He was attracted to her because she was beautiful and intelligent and had a strong character.

I believe that I have read that Churchill was a watercolorist; at what age did he take up this activity, was he self-taught and where are his works today?

He painted in oils and took it up during the First World War in his forties. The largest collection of his paintings are on show at Chartwell.

I've read that Churchill - while a intelligent, skillful politician and colorful orator - was a lone voice in the wilderness up to the beginning of the second world war. How do you think he would be received in politicial circles today?

I'd like to think he would be seen as a breath of fresh air as he believed in serving his country, not himself.

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