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Military Leader

Churchill with Roosevelt and Stalin

(Broadwater Collection)

Churchill felt that leadership was in his blood and, even when playing soldiers as a boy, insisted on being called ‘General’ by his friends.

As Prime Minister during the Second World War, Churchill was the main architect of Allied victory, undoubtedly his greatest achievement.

Churchill showed ruthless determination in pursuing this goal. He advocated the use of gas on the German civilian population in response to ‘doodle-bug’ raids on south-east England. He also ordered the sinking of French ships at Oran, when the French military command refused to hand them over to British command.

Churchill relished the danger and excitement of war and as a young man made his name as seeking out conflict around the Empire.

In June 1944, Churchill had to be dissuaded by the King from sailing with the invasion force for the D-Day landings and on the return journey even persuaded his ship’s admiral to fire on enemy positions.

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Churchill with Roosevelt and Stalin
Broadwater Collection
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Broadwater Collection
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(Churchill Archives Centre, Baroness Spencer-Churchill Papers, CSCT 5/2)