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The Civil War. A Film by Ken Burns
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The Civil War Credits
Directed By: Ken Burns
Produced By: Ken Burns and Ric Burns
Written By: Geoffrey C. Ward, Ric Burns, Ken Burns
Edited By: Paul Barnes, Bruce Shaw, Tricia Reidy
Cinematography: Ken Burns, Allen Moore, Buddy Squires
Catherine Eisele
Associate Producer/
Post Production:
Lynn Novick
Co-Producers: Stephen Ives, Julie Dunfey, Mike Hill
Narrator: David McCullough
Voices: Sam Waterson (Abraham Lincoln)
Julie Harris (Mary Chesnut)
Jason Robards (Ulysses S. Grant)
Morgan Freeman (Frederick Douglass)
Paul Roebling (Joshua L. Chamberlain, etc.)
Garrison Keillor (Walt Whitman, etc.)
George Black (Robert E. Lee)
Arthur Miller (William T. Sherman)
Chris Murney (Pvt. Elisha Hunt Rhodes)
Charley McDowell (Pvt. Sam Watkins)
Horton Foote (Jefferson Davis)
George Plimpton (George Templeton Strong)
Philip Bosco (Horace Greeley, etc )
Terry Courier (George McClellan)
Jody Powell (Stonewall Jackson, etc)
Studs Terkel (Benjamin F. Butler)
(Partial List)

Derek Jacobi
Jeremy Irons
Kurt Vonnegut
Hoyt Axton

Pamela Reed
Ronnie Gilbert
Coleen Dewhurst
Shelby Foote

Consultants: Shelby Foote
C. Vann Woodward
Stephen Sears
James McPherson
Mike Musick
Eric Foner
Robert Johannsen
William E. Leuchtenburg
Charles Fuller
Ira Berlin
Robert Penn Warren
Dayton Duncan

Barbara J. Fields
Don Fehrenbacher
William McFeely
Bernard Weisberger
Richard Snow
Stephen B. Oates
Tom Lewis
Daniel Aaron
Charley McDowell
Gene Smith
Jerome Liebling
Amy Stechler Burns

Senior Creative Consultant: David McCullough
Associate Producers: Camilla Rockwell, Susanna Steisel
Corporate Underwriter: General Motors Corporation
Other Underwriters: The National Endowment for the Humanities; The Corporation for Public Broadcasting; The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations; The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

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