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Buddy Squires

Buddy SquiresBuddy Squires is an Oscar-nominated filmmaker and Emmy- winning cinematographer.

In 1976, newly graduated from Hampshire College, he joined friends Ken Burns and Roger Sherman in creating Florentine Films. The company's first effort and Ken Burns' first PBS project, Brooklyn Bridge, received an Academy Award nomination for best feature documentary. Four years later, Burns' The Statue of Liberty, received the same honor with Squires and Burns producing.

Today Buddy Squires is best known as the cinematographer of dozens of acclaimed documentaries. Six of the projects he photographed are Academy Award nominees, one is an Oscar winner and 9 are Emmy Award winners. Squires has been nominated for Emmys in four of the last five years. His cinematography is featured in nearly all of Ken Burns' films including: JAZZ, The Civil War, Mark Twain, Baseball, Frank Lloyd Wright, Lewis and Clark, Thomas Jefferson, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony: Not For Ourselves Alone, Huey Long, Thomas Hart Benton and The West.

Other projects include: New York, Crime & Punishment, Scottsboro: An American Tragedy, Ansel Adams, American High, The Amato Opera, Richard Rodgers, Compassion In Exile, The Donner Party, Kindergarten, Chimps: So Like Us, Miss America, Heart Of A Child, Merchants Of Cool, 27th & Prospect, Coney Island, Ram Dass: Fierce Grace, One Survivor Remembers, The Way West, Buckminster Fuller, The Children's Storefront and Don't Say Goodbye.

In addition to his work as a cinematographer, Squires directed and produced the Emmy nominated Listening To Children. He is currently directing War Files and We Have No Orders To Save You.

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