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Inside Amistad - The Contract
Amistad Academy Students & Teachers

Amistad Academy's success depends on making teachers, staff, students, and parents equal, active partners in the educational process. To this end, everyone involved is required to sign a contract acknowledging his or her responsibilities and obligations to the school and its students, and committing their time and effort to making the learning experience the best it can possibly be.

The contract recognizes the notion that education is a group effort — all signers "promise to hold each other accountable for the quality of the instructional program and for student progress." Amistad Academy promises to maintain its programs, to provide highly trained teachers, to reach out to parents, to challenge its students, and not to let a single student "fall through the cracks."

On signing the contract, incoming students accept a great deal of the responsibility for their own educational success. Before donning the blue Amistad shirts, they must pledge to uphold the REACH values — and to "work hard, probably harder than [they] ever have before."

They must pledge to…work hard, probably harder than they ever have before.

For parents, the contract formalizes the sort of participation that they might take for granted at other schools. Amistad's parents pledge not only to support their child's efforts and to attend parent-teacher conferences and back-to-school nights, but to volunteer time and to stay in regular contact with Amistad staff and teachers regarding student progress, and even to schedule family vacations around Amistad's schedule. By and large, parents appreciate the level of involvement the contract holds them to, and the fact that the contract, as parent Sharon Bailey points out, makes "all parties accountable for the success of the student."

As Amistad teacher Roxanna Lopez puts it, "I think we're trying to build positive citizens who are responsible to their community, who are responsible to themselves." That sense of community, dependent on the mutual effort and responsibility of staff, students, and parents, is what's defined in the contract.

View Amistad Academy's contracts.
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Parents discuss the Amistad Contract

Parents discuss the benefits of the Amistad Contract

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