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Inside Amistad - A Day in the Life
Amistad Academy Students

By Kaylani Rosado, an Amistad Academy Senior (8th Grade)

My life as an Amistad Academy student does not start at 7:30 am like you might think. It starts at 6:00 am when the sound of my alarm clock pulls me out of bed, except when I hit snooze. Anyway, that's when I wash up and get my brother Matthew, who by the way is a Freshman here, out of bed. We both slug around the house getting ready for school. I should say I slug around, because Matthew is always in a rush. (You would think that I, the Senior, would know better.) When we finally get ready, my brother and I walk from our house to school. Even though it's a long walk, it helps to energize me for the day.

When we get to school, I walk up the stairs to the best class at Amistad; Taino (but I know I didn't have to tell you we are the best.) Some of my friends and I spend breakfast in there. When class starts, we split up and start in Writing or Math. I start in Writing class. We are working on laptops now. After Writing, I go straight into Algebra I class with Ms. Fitz. Next week we are going to start quadratic equations. After math, we get a fifteen-minute snack break. Next, I go to Spanish if it is Tuesday or Thursday or Lifeskills if it is Monday or Wednesday. I'm not done yet…the next block I have Technology. After that, I finally get another break when we go to lunch. I hope you are counting; I just did four 65 minute classes before lunch!

After lunch, I go to Reading and talk about my friend Hamlet. (He has some family issues he is trying to work out.) Then, I go back in time in History class. Finally, I have some fun with my friends in my Encore class. This session I have Latin Dance. After the day is out at school, I go home, do homework, study and READ, READ, READ!

This is my normal day as an Amistad student.

Kaylani Rosado is a member of Amistad Academy's Class of 2004. She will attend boarding school at Williston North Hampton in the fall on a full scholarship

Kaylani Rosado

Kaylani Rosado

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