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Cabeza de Vaca

Available May 9th - Conquistadors video

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Home Video

Alexander the Great was just 21 when he set out to conquer Persia in a trip that would change the history of the world. "In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great" chronicles British historian Michael Wood's 20,000 mile journey and his amazing discoveries about Alexander the Great and the route he took. Order today at ShopPBS. $29.98
Alexander the Great video

Hardcover Book

Written by British historian Michael Wood as a companion to the PBS film, this 252-page book chronicles Alexander's six-year conquest as well as Wood's adventure tracking him through 16 countries. The book is filled with exotic color photographs of the people and places Wood and his crew encounter along their trip. Order today at ShopPBS. $27.50
Alexander the Great book

Both the Home Video and Hardcover Book

Purchase the home video and the book together. Order today at ShopPBS. $52.48 (a $5.00 savings)
Alexander the Great video and book

4-Pack AV

This series brings to life a pivotal event in world history, the creation of a Greek empire stretching from the Balkans to India. A dramatic and colorful journey across 2,000 years and 16 countries, the four-hour documentary is hosted by British historian Michael Wood. At the heart of this epic story is the enigmatic character of Alexander the great. A portrait emerges of the extraordinary young man who set out at age 21 and conquered most of the known world before he was 30. Using texts of Greek and Roman historians as his guide, Wood searches for the truth behind legends that depict Alexander as both a brilliant visionary and ruthless conqueror. Divided into four parts. Order today at ShopPBS.


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