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Faye learns to use a rifle

faye lazebnik schulman
After the War
In Russia, Faye was a war hero. She was a newspaper photographer and had food, housing and money for the first time since the war. But, she desperately missed her family and friends.

Faye rejoiced in 1945 when she found her brother Moishe, alive. He had also escaped the Nazis and joined a different partisan group. Faye married his friend and fellow partisan, Morris Schulman. The newlyweds wanted to immigrate to Palestine (now Israel) and help build a safe homeland for the Jews. The only way to do this was to leave Russia and enter a displaced persons camp in Germany, waiting for permission to immigrate.

Faye and her new family in Canada
Faye and her new family in Canada

During the two-year wait, Faye and Morris helped smuggle arms into Palestine to support the struggle for independence. When Faye became pregnant, the couple decided that Palestine was too dangerous a place for a newborn. They secured visas for Canada, where they opened a successful family business and raised two children. Faye lives in Toronto today and has published a book about her war experiences: A Partisan’s Memoir: Woman of the Holocaust (Second Story Press, 1995).

Faye’s Message for Teenagers Today
"To Jewish kids I would like to say — be proud to be Jewish. To non-Jewish kids I would like to say — if there is a war and you have to fight, fight for freedom and don’t be ashamed to be in the army."

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