Daring to Resist

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Barbara Lederman, Shula Lack, Faye Schulman

In Daring to Resist, three Jewish women reflect on their lives as teenagers in Holland, Hungary and Poland during World War II when they refused to remain passive in the face of the Holocaust. Home movies and never-before-published photographs enrich their stories of resisting in courageous and unexpected ways.

Faye Schulman with her partisan friends
Faye Schulman with her partisan friends

These girls were among many who chose resistance during the Nazi reign of terror — each finding a unique way to fight back. Teenagers were often among the first to recognize the Nazi menace and act. Young people found ingenious methods to hide people, change their identities, or smuggle them to safety.

Barbara Rodbell's talent for ballet and fierce determination helped her survive — passing as a Christian — while her family perished in Auschwitz. She distributed underground newspapers and moved Jews to safety under the cover of her profession as a ballerina.

Shulamit Lack rejected her parents’ fierce Hungarian patriotism and joined a Zionist youth organization. By the age of 19, Shulamit was leading groups of Jews in underground border crossings to Romania.

Faye Schulman joined the partisans and photographed their resistance activities, while she learned to wage war and nurse the wounded. She said, "When it was time to be hugging a boyfriend, I was hugging a rifle."

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