Daring to Resist

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daring to resist timeline of events

1940Auschwitz Gate
Auschwitz Gate.

Historical Events
Germany invades the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Denmark, Norway and Luxembourg.

Barbara Rodbell
Barbara sees Jews commit suicide.
Father burns books

Faye Schulman
Faye takes over family photography business.

1941Shula with Zionist Group
Shula with
Zionist group.

Historical Events
Germany invades Eastern Poland/Russia.
German killing squads begin murdering Jews in Eastern Europe.
Hungary allies with Germany.
Jews banned from public schools in Holland and other countries.
United States enters war.

Faye Schulman
Nazis occupy Lenin.
Nazis enlist Faye as photographer.

1942A Jewish child wearing the "Jude" patch
A Jewish child wearing
the "Jude" patch.

Historical Event
Nazis plan Final Solution at Wannsee Conference.
Anti-Jewish laws enacted.
Death camps created in Eastern Europe.
Jews forced to wear yellow star.

Barbara Rodbell
Barbara meets Manfred.
Barbara gets false identity papers.
Frank family goes into hiding.
Nazis take parents and sister.
Dances in ballet company.
Delivers underground newspapers.
Buys food for Jews in hiding.
Transports Jews at night

Shulamit Lack
Shula Learns about Nazi atrocities

Faye Schulman
Nazis form ghetto.
Nazis take men to labor camps.
Nazis liquidate Lenin ghetto, killing 1,850 Jews.
Faye develops photos of massacre.
Faye joins partisans.

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