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Thomas Eakins: Scenes from Modern Life: VHS
Producer Glenn Holsten follows Eakins' travels to Paris, France; Seville, Spain; North Dakota; and throughout Philadelphia to explore and film the places where Eakins found inspiration. Fascinated by the rapidly changing world, especially in Philadelphia, Eakins recorded the morphing of the times in which he lived.

Narrated by Blythe Danner, stills of Eakins' works as well as live reenactments of his paintings and photographs are punctuated by footage of the scenery displayed in his body of work. Interviews with curators and conservators of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, as well as scholars from many universities, provide tremendous insight into the work and character of this American original.
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  Thomas Eakins: Scenes from Modern Life: DVD
He was defiant. He was inflexible. He was self-righteous. He was undiplomatic and inconsiderate. He was never boring. Thomas Eakins (1844-1916) was an original in a conventional society who pursued his goals in art and life with unswerving determination. He portrayed scenes from modern life at a time when it was evolving at a breathtaking pace, revealing the American people and their world with remarkable sympathy.

In addition to the full-length documentary, this DVD includes:
    An annotated soundtrack
    Highlights from the exhibit - Thomas Eakins: American Realist
    Eakins Postcards
      - The Unfinished Portrait
      - Eakins' Neighborhood
      - The Centennial Exhibition of 1876
      - The Bregler Collection
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