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Paris is a city filled with the arts, and I think that was exciting for Eakins. He could walk outside his studio into the gardens of the Luxembourg and find statuary, nude statuary everywhere. He could go to the Louvre and to the other museums in Paris and find the works of the great masters... and certainly at the Ecole. He also was surrounded with examples of paintings and sculpture. It was a daily encounter for him. It must have been very exciting and very different from Philadelphia, in the ways that art was always in the public eye all of the time. KATHLEEN A. FOSTER, Ph.D.
Curator, Indiana University Art Museum
"The first thing a traveler does on reaching Paris is to visit the Louvre. First, I went to see the statues. They are made of real marble and I can't begin to tell you how much better they are than the miserable plaster imitations at Philadelphia. But I left right away. Statues make me shiver; they look so cold... I went next to the picture galleries. There must have been half a mile of them, and I walked all the way from one end to the other, and I never in my life saw such nice funny old pictures. I'm sure my taste has been very much improved and to show it, I'll make it a point never to look hereafter on American art except with disdain." THOMAS EAKINS
excerpt from letter
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