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Back Cowboy Pictures
Photograph of Cowboy sitting in front of BT Ranch building Photograph of Cowboy aiming revolver Photograph of Two cowboys on horses in BT Ranch yard
When he came to the Dakota Territory he had the opportunity to see people thoroughly immersed in the physical world. There's no doubt that for Eakins the physical world was everything. Human beings' capacity to manipulate the world, to do things that were hard, to carry out tasks that were very difficult and to be strong throughout it. I think these are the qualities that drew him into admiration for the cowboys. In photograph after photograph he chose one after another sitting in front of the out buildings. Stern, hardy, weathered faces, tributes to people who knew hard and easy, and more typically the difficult. Who were able to sustain themselves with hope through very, very challenging moments. Who had we might say emotional stamina. They were good for the long haul. ELIZABETH JOHNS, Ph.D.
Art Historian, University of Pennsylvania
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Please Note: This web site contains several black and white archival photographs of nude male and female models, including some photographs of Eakins himself.

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