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Bhutan Credits

The Living Edens "Bhutan" Television Credits:

The Narrator: Donald Sutherland

Photo Donald SutherlandDonald Sutherland, one of the world’s most prolific and versatile motion picture actors, lends his talents to the latest episode of The Living Edens, Bhutan: The Last Shangri-La. The star of such acclaimed films as M*A*S*H, Ordinary People, Klute, Casanova, The Day of the Locust, The Dirty Dozen, The Eagle Has Landed, Eye of the Needle and A Dry White Season was executive producer Alex Gregory’s first choice to narrate Bhutan.

"This is a particularly beautiful and intriguing episode of our series and I wanted a voice that really sets the tone for this mystical and enchanting land," said Gregory from his office in Los Angeles. "I knew Donald was that voice. His narration transports us to this special place."

The film seemed to resonate with the veteran actor in a personal way. "He was clearly touched by the images he saw on the screen and I think that’s reflected in his performance" said Gregory. "It’s an honest, intuitive read… and that’s what you want. If the artist you’re working with is moved by the material, and connects with it, then you’re much more likely to make a connection with your audience."

Harry Marshall, Producer, Writer

Alex Gregory, Executive Producer, Writer

Dennis B. Kane, Executive Producer

Ann F. Kim, Supervising Producer

David Thrasher, Editor

Eran Hayden, Series Assistant Editor

Kate Hopkins, Dubbing Editor

Alphonse Roy, Cinematography

Martin Saunders, Cinematography

Chris Vile, Additional Cinematography

Laura Karpman, Music

Nancy Severinsen, Music Supervisor

Clifford Hoelscher, Sound Design

Nandha Kumar, Location Sound

Brent Pierson, Coordinating Producer

Harriet Scott, Production Coordinator

Laura Marshall, Associate Producer

John Hampden Martin, Associate Producer

Beth Gallagher, Post Production Supervisor

Gina Lee Fucci, Post Production Manager

Jeronimo Martin, Post Production Assistant

William F. Swift, Post Production Coordinator

Sharon Stiles, Online Editor

Barnaby Taylor, Research

John Hesling, Research

Anna Henderson, Research

Mark Knights, Colorist

Grahm Wild, Dubbing Mixer

Mark Linden, Re-recording Mixer

Alan Decker, Re-recording Mixer

For ABC/Kane Productions:

William Larkin, Production Supervisor

Roy L. Ennis, Production Controller

Tom Caliandro, Development

Meg Daly Olmert, Development

J. Nicoll Durrie, President

For Reader's Digest World:

Tom Simon, Vice President and Executive Producer for Reader's Digest World

The Living Edens is co-production of ABC/Kane Productions International, Inc.
and BBC in association with Trebitsch Production International and PBS.

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  • David Neiman, Editor
  • Kristen O'Malley, Producer

  • Robert Frostick, Science Teacher, Adams Junior High School, Charleston, West Virginia

    Betsy Hedberg-Keramidas, Curriculum Adventures, Westlake Village, California

    Ann Kim, Supervising Producer, ABC/Kane Productions International, Inc.

    Brent Pierson, Coordinating Producer, ABC/Kane Productions International, Inc.

    The New Media Group, Web Design and Development,

    AllegraŽ, Additional Web funding,


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