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The Living Edens-Etosha: Credits

The Living Edens "Etosha" Television Credits:

Adrian Warren,
Producer, Writer, Cinematographer, Last Refuge Ltd.

Alex Gregory,
Executive Producer, Writer

Dennis B. Kane,
Executive Producer

Ann F. Kim,
Supervising Producer

David Pearce,

Eran Hayden,
Series Assistant Editor

Paul Clark,
Dubbing Editor

Justin Maguire,

Ginger Mauney,
Additional Cinematography

Lauren Bacall,

Laura Karpman,

Nancy Severinsen,
Music Supervisor

Clifford Hoelscher,
Sound Design

Pete McCowan,
Location Assistance & Assistant Editor

Cluny South,
Location Assistance

Chris Domaille,

Graham Wild,

Brent Pierson,
Coordinating Producer

Susan Hubble,
Production Manager

Karen Steele,
Production Coordinator

Alessandra Guglielmotti,
Production Coordinator

Maria Roche,
Production Coordinator

Beth Gallagher,
Post Production Supervisor

Dominic Weston,
Post Production Manager

Jeronimo Martin,
Post Production Assistant

Liz Lewin,
Post Production Coordinator

William F. Swift,
Post Production Coordinator

Mark Linden,
Re-recording Mixer

Alan Decker,
Re-recording Mixer

For ABC/Kane Productions:

William Larkin,
Production Supervisor

Roy L. Ennis,
Production Controller

Tom Caliandro,

Meg Daly Olmert,

J. Nicoll Durrie,

For Partridge Films:

Barbara Stohlman,
Production Supervisor

Michael Rosenberg,
Executive Producer

For Reader's Digest World:

Tom Simon,
Vice President and Executive Producer for Reader's Digest World

The Living Edens is co-production of ABC/Kane Productions International, Inc. and BBC in association with Trebitsch Production International and PBS.

The Living Edens "Etosha" on the Web:

  • David Neiman, Editor
  • Kristen O'Malley, Associate Producer

    Robert Frostick, Science Teacher, Adams Junior High School, Charleston, West Virginia

    Ann Kim,
    Supervising Producer, ABC/Kane Productions International, Inc.

    The New Media Group,
    Web Design and Development,

    Additional Web funding,

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