Machiguenga woman of Manu with traditional necklace of Canna seeds and other adornments, including monkey bones and macaw feathers.

Machiguenga men wear crowns of toucan and currasow feathers. Men and women alike wear Canna bead necklaces and paint their faces with red annato face paint.

The Yabashta-Yaminahua lived for years as nomadic hunters and marauders, attacking and raiding other native villages for crops, crafts, knives, axes, and other goods which they could not obtain any other way.

They isolated themselves from contact with outsiders because they were afraid that slave runners of the rubber-boom era might still capture them. Though they once inspired mortal fear in neighboring Indian and white groups, the Yabashta are in fact quite generous and gentle people.

Traditional Machiguenga dress for men -- a woven cotton tunic, feather crown and red face paint -- is often seen side-by-side with Western dress in Machiguenga villages.
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