The Living Edens
How well would you survive in the Namib?

Fill out and submit the questions below, then check out the answers and see how you scored. If you do well, we just might NOT feed you to the scorpions!


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  1. What does the Khoikhoie (Hottentot) word "Namib" mean?
    "desert" or "place of no people"
    "hot hearth" or "wasteland"

  2. What is the nickname for Namibia's coastline?
    Black Death
    Death's Watch
    Naukluft's Haven
    Skeleton Coast

  3. Which desert has the highest sand dunes, the Namib or Sahara?

  4. What is distinctive about the Namib Naukluft Desert Park?
    It is the 4th largest conservation area in the world
    It is rich in gold deposits
    It is the most populous area in Namibia
    It has a rainy season that lasts 3 months

  5. How many days out of the year does fog cover the Namibian coast?

  6. Approximately how many fur seals breed on the Namibian coast each year?

  7. Major industries on the coast of Namibia include all of the following except:
    Diamond Mining
    Guano Production
    Boat Manufacturing

  8. What is the name of the spectacular South African waterfall on the Orange River?
    The Augrabies Falls
    The Khoikhoi Chute
    The Orange Cascade
    The Luderitz Fall

  9. What enormous African river has contributed to the formation of the Namib?
    The Kubango River
    The Limpopo River
    The Molapo River
    The Orange River

  10. What helps desert trackers find their way around the Namib?
    Animal tracks
    Bird feathers
    Sand composition

  11. What accounts for the color variations of the Namib sand?
    Animal movements stir up the sand - creating a reddish hue inland
    The inland sand is older and over the years the hot African sun has turned it a rusty color
    Flash floods during the brief one-week rainy season turn the inland sand dark brown
    Minerals deposits from the Benguela current turn the coastline red

  12. What precious gemstone has been found along the Namibian coastline?

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