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a picture of a lantern Namibia Ministry of Environment and Tourism: Namib Region
This official Namibian site describes the many different geographic areas, landmarks, and recreation areas to be found in the Namib, including links to more information about other areas of Namibia.

Namibia Online
The official site of the Republic of Namibia, containing a welcome from their President, Sam Nujoma, and information about the country's international relations, economy, and latest news.

An Introduction to Namibia
A general introduction to Namibia's geography, climate, and wildlife, including color photos of some of the beautiful creatures that inhabit the country.

WWF South African (Cape) Fur Seal Fact Sheet
The World Wildlife Federation maintains this useful page, which contains conservation-related information about the fur seals that inhabit the Namib coast, along with information about how you can help.

WWF Jackass Penguin Fact Sheet
Another World Wildlife Federation page, which contains conservation-related information about the jackass penguins that inhabit the coast and islands of the Namib, along with information about how you can help.

Benguela Upwelling Zone - CZCS Satellite Images
This NASA page contains vivid color satellite photos of the Benguela upwelling zone, including images of the prolific phytoplankton blooms found there.

Planet Wired - "The Atlantic Graveyard"
Hotwired presents one traveler's vivid account of a journey through the Namib's changing environment, including sidetrips to Etosha Pan, Cape Cross Seal Colony, and Skeleton Coast shipwrecks.

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