Reader's Digest World Presents The Living Edens Palau-Paradise of the Pacific
Palau Credits

The Living Edens "Palau" on the Web:

PBS Online, Content Development and Producer

Ann F. Kim, Supervising Producer, ABC/Kane Productions International, Inc.

The New Media Group, Web Design and Development,

Allegra®, Additional Web funding,

The Living Edens "Palau" Television Credits:

Al Giddings, Producer, Cinematographer

George Waite, Producer, Editor

Mose Richards, Writer

Alex Gregory, Executive Producer

Dennis B. Kane, Executive Producer

Ann F. Kim, Supervising Producer

Eran Hayden, Assistant Editor

James Coburn, Narrator

Paul Atkins, Additional Cinematography

David Hannon, Additional Cinematography

Robert Poole, Additional Cinematography

Randy Wimberg, Additional Cinematography

Mark Gerasimenko, Assistant Camera

Kent Harvey, Assistant Camera

Laura Karpman, Music

Nancy Severinsen, Music Supervisor

Clifford Hoelscher, Sound Design

Grace Atkins, Location Sound

Damien Fitzpatrick, Location Assistant

Larry Sharron, Location Assistant

Nancy Barbour, Production Consultant

Lindy Moore, Production Assistant

Kathy Schweigert, Production Assistant

Brent Pierson, Coordinating Producer

Janis Biewend, Associate Producer

Beth Gallagher, Post Production Supervisor

Brian Mauriello, Post Production Assistant

William F. Swift, Post Production Coordinator

Jay Segimoto, Online Editor

Paul Bronkar, Colorist

Mark Linden, Re-recording Mixer

Alan Decker, Re-recording Mixer

View Studio, Map Sequence

Pittard Sullivan Design, Title Graphics

For ABC/Kane Productions:

William Larkin, Production Supervisor

Roy L. Ennis, Production Controller

Tom Caliandro, Development

Meg Daly Olmert, Development

J. Nicoll Durrie, President

The Living Edens is a co-production of ABC/Kane Productions International, Inc. in association with Trebitsch Production International, GMBH, and PBS.



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