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Land of the Unique: Menubar

Land of the Unique

Palau is home to some of the most exotic creatures and realms in the world. From coral reefs to sea cucumbers, these are the highlights of this enchanted isle.

Marine Life

Marine LifePalau reefs are hosts to over 300 species of coral, nine species of sea grass, and 2,000 species of fish. Each member of this ecosystem depends the others to survive. When one piece of the link is removed, all other living things suffer. For example, in the mid-1980s, fishermen caught many parrot fish near Cook Island. The parrot fish are an integral part of the coral reef ecosystem because they eat the excess algae, which allows the coral to survive. The result was that algae growth soon overtook the coral and killed it. Some of the wildlife and unique features of Palau's ecosystem are highlighted above. For further references, please visit the Palau Resources page.



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