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1. Duke Ellington graduated from which high school?
 Dunbar High School
 Armstrong High School
 The Sumner School
 He never graduated from high school.

2. What did singer Pearl Bailey call the U Street of the 1920's?
 an entertainer's dreamland
 a childhood playground
 the Black Broadway
 the Southern Harlem

3. Why did so many black teachers with doctoral degrees teach at Dunbar High School?
 They couldn't get well paid, professional jobs anywhere else.
 the federal government paid black and white teachers in Washington the same salary.
 Dunbar offered college level courses.
 both A and B

4. The instrument everybody had in their homes was
 a guitar
 a drum
 a piano
 a harmonica

5. Who said "Music is my Mistress and she plays second fiddle to no one."
 Jelly Roll Morton
 Doc Perry
 Duke Ellington
 Dr. Billy Taylor

6. What caused the decline of the Shaw neighborhood after the 1940s?
 the desegregation of the 1950s
 the riots after the 1968 assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
 the drug epidemics of the 1970s
 all of the above

7. The U Street come back started with
 the construction of the Reeves Center Municipal Building
 a new metro station
 restoration of some of the historic buildings in the area
 all of the above

8. The Howard Theater in Washington DC opened 20 years before New York's Apollo began featuring black performers.

9. The Williams couple was brought together by singing what Ellington tune?
 Stormy Weather
 I let a Song Go Out of My Heart
 Ring Dem Bells

10. In Ellington's time, students at Dunbar High School...
 scored higher on standardized tests than at several white DC schools.
 were urged to put schoolwork ahead of sports and extracurricular activities.
 attended Ivy League colleges as well as Howard University
 All of the above.


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