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1. Who was the first black American to earn a Master of Surgery and Doctor of Medicine?
 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
 Dr. Billy Taylor
 Dr. Charles Drew
 Doc Perry

2. Why did photographer Robert H. McNeill take a picture of Bojangles Robinson from the wings of the Earl theater (now the Warner theater)?
 Bojangles gave him a backstage pass because he admired his work.
 McNeill was late for the performance and had to sneak in through the stage door.
 The theater's policy was no flash photography.
 Black men were not allowed to buy tickets or sit in the front of the audience.

3. Ralph Bunche won ...
 a Pulitzer Prize.
 the Nobel Peace Prize.
 the hearts and minds of black Americans.
 the first DC lottery jackpot.

4. Who of the following was a women's rights advocate?
 Mary Church Terrell
 Frederick Douglass
 Mary McLeod Bethune
 All of the above

5. Having your picture hang in the window of Addison Scurlock's studio meant …
 you were wanted by the FBI.
 you had gained social status in the community.
 it was your birthday.
 you were Scurlock's most recent subject.

6. Who was the "Father of Negro History?"
 Carter Woodson
 Frederick Douglass
 Mary McLeod Bethune
 Alaine Locke

7. Who was the first African-American four-star general in the U.S. Armed Forces?
 Benjamin Davis Jr.
 Frederick Gregory
 Hugh Price
 Benjamin Davis Sr.

8. The legal strategy for challenging segregation was developed by ...
 Thurgood Marshall
 Ralph Bunche
 Charles Houston
 Both A and C

9. Who was Duke Ellington's piano teacher?
 Jelly Roll Morton
 Dr. Billy Taylor
 Henry Grant
 Davey Yarborogh

10. Which or the following poets spent part of his career in Washingon?
 Langston Hughes
 Paul Laurence Dunbar
 Sterling Brown
 All of the above


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