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1. Whites usually made up how much of the audience at the Howard Theater?
 10 percent
 25 percent
 90 percent
 whites were not permitted.

2. Where did Duke Ellington give his first performance?
 True Reformers Hall
 The Lincoln Theater
 The Howard Theater
 The Savoy in New York

3. Howard University was one of the first schools to open its doors to both blacks and whites.

4. Comedian Bill Cosby took his wife to Ben's Chili Bowl when they were dating.

5. The Shaw neighborhood was named after Robert Gould Shaw who was...
 the first free black resident in northeast DC.
 the city planner who designed the layout of Washington DC.
 the white commander of the famed black 54th Massachusetts Regiment.
 Duke Ellingon's first agent

6. What entertainment venue had black stockholders in its company?  The Whitelaw Hotel
 Ben's Chili Bowl
 The Lincoln Theater
 The Howard Theater

7. How many days did Duke Ellington play a packed house at the gala re-opening of the Howard Theater in 1931?
 only one
 a week
 a month
 no one counted

8. How much did Duke Ellington get paid for his first performance at True Reformers' Hall?
 75 cents
 he volunteered

9. The "Drill" was..
 an initiation ceremony for the dentistry students at Armstrong High School.
 the procedure Duke Ellington's mother put him through when he returned home late.
 the warm-up procedure for Duke Ellington's band the Washingtonians.
 a Cadet Corp competition between Dunbar and Armstrong.

10. The Whitelaw Hotel was named after the "white laws" that segregated Washington's hospitality industry.


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