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  Kamose Stela
Stela is an Egyptian word for a flat stone slab on which texts and images can be inscribed. The Kamose Stela tells of the successful military campaign that Pharaoh Kamose waged against the enemy Hyksos kings to protect Thebes and avenge his father's brutal death.
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Stela (inscription) of Pharaoh Kamose from the Temple of karnak, Thebes, 17th Dynasty circa 1555BC.

In the stela, Kamose (older brother to the Pharaoh Ahmose) taunts the Hyksos King, Ipepi, and boasts of the valuable plunder brought back from battle. In keeping with tradition, Kamose also boasts how his highly-skilled army will smite the enemy soldiers and generally make their lives not worth living. This was personal!

To translate extracts from the stela of Kamose, select one below. But remember, the Ancient Egyptians usually read from right to left.

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