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  Egyptian QuizThis is your chance to find out if you can use ancient Egyptian words to read some real Egyptian sentences.

Remember, the words are not always in the same order in English as they are in Egyptian. You may have to swap the order of the words to get sentences that make sense.

What's more, ancient Egyptian does not have many words we use in English. For example, they do not use the words 'the', 'a', 'an', 'and' or 'when' and they often leave out words for 'is' and 'are'. Let's face it, if you had to carve every word into solid stone, you'd also want to keep it as short as possible!

This means that you may have to add these words to your translations to make real English sentences that make sense.

Oh, and one other thing - to make matters a bit more interesting, the ancient Egyptians usually didn't leave any spaces between their words!

Good luck! And if in doubt, guess!

Question 1.

Question 1
The man goes to the temple.
The man is in the house.
The man loves his house.

Question 2.

Question 2
The sun shines in the sky.
The sun rises in the morning.
The sun shines on the river.

Question 3.

Question 3
The cat licks the woman.
The cat lives with the woman.
The woman loves the cat.

Question 4.

Question 4
The woman loves the god in the river.
The man worships the god in the sky.
The woman loves the god in the sky.

Question 5.

Question 5
The boat is on the river.
The man sails the boat.
The man goes down to the boat.

Question 6.

Question 6
The cat lives in the house.
The cat loves the man.
All cats sleep in houses.

Question 7.

Question 7
The woman worships the sun.
The woman loves the sun.
The woman sits in the sun.

Question 8.

Question 8
The god appears in the house and travels in a boat on the river.
The god lives in the house and travels to town by boat.
The god lives in the temple and he travels to the sky in a boat.

Question 9.

Question 8
The man goes travels the river and comes back by boat.
The man goes travels to the river and he travels to town in a boat.
The man travels to town in a boat on the river.

Question 10.

Question 8
Worship a god in the temple when the sun appears in the sky.
Worship the sun god in the sky.
The god is worshipped in his temple and the sun shines from above.

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