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Ibrahim Pourmansoori
In a way, the most important person on the set of Islam: Empire of Faith was the first assistant director Ibrahim Pourmansoori, or "Abe" as the Americans called him. Pourmansoori had studied film and television in the United States and was ideal for the job.

"Abe was a God-send," director Rob Gardner remembers. "His English and understanding of American idiom and slang were perfect, but more important was his experience as a television producer and director on his own. We were sometimes working with 10 stunt riders and horses, a dozen camels, and 75 extras and Abe was controlling them all, translating my directions and working with his assistants over the radios. He was a total professional, and the only guy on the set louder than me."

Pourmansoori's thorough understanding of the Iranian system of film production was very valuable to the project. His own experiences in the United States made him the ideal point of communication between the two groups. In addition, the Iranian traditions of hospitality and courtesy were evident and appreciated throughout the production.

"I really enjoyed working with Rob and the American Crew," Pourmansoori said. "And everyone worked hard to make the Americans feel comfortable — not only the Iranians on the film crew, but the Iranian people we met in the various cities we filmed in as well. It was great to see the two professional communities working together."